Real-world Learning

students working on the brackety-ackLiterary Magazine

On Concept's Edge, Roanoke College's literary magazine, is entirely student run. The staff works on layout, printer selection, and the choosing of student and faculty submissions for print. It is printed in the spring semester of each school year and is packed to the brim with good writing. Some recent editors (and writers published in the magazine) have gone on to careers in writing and publishing, while others have entered well respected MFA programs. Those interested in submitting work or helping work with layout or editing can email the staff at

Student Newspaper

If Woodward and Bernstein are your heroes, you might want to investigate joining the staff of Roanoke College's much beloved Brackety-Ack, our weekly newspaper with the weird name and the insightful, hard-nosed approach to life on campus. The Brackety-Ack is always looking for good writers, editors, photographers, layout specialists and web designers to work on campus news, editorials, letters-to-the editor, and opinion polls. The newspapers website can be accessed on the web. Those interested in joining the staff can email the paper at

Roanoke Review

The Roanoke Review is an annual national journal which publishes poetry, short fiction, and non-fiction every spring. Established in 1967 by Henry Taylor, a past Roanoke College English professor and Pulitzer Prize winner, the Review is staffed by current students and Dr. Paul Hanstedt.

WRKE Radio Station

WRKE-FM 100.3, also known as "The Wreck", is the official radio station run by Roanoke College students out of their own office in the Colket center. Started by Jim Goodwin in 1998, the station appeals to a variety of listeners around the campus. Approximately 20 new shows are on the air each week. Students can select songs that they want to hear played, allowing them to share with the radio community the type of music they are interested in. You can listen to the station any time at  Those interested in working for the station can email them at

Visiting Writers and Scholars Series

Roanoke's students frequently interact with well-known regional and national writers and scholars hosted by the department every semester. Students find themselves at readings, in classes, or at dinner with prominent thinkers, poets, novelists and nonfiction writers. These experiences give students a greater understanding of the discipline and more confidence in their own writing. A recent list of visiting writers can be found here.

Study Abroad

Roanoke College offers many study abroad programs that allow students to earn academic credit while outside the United States.  More information on the study abroad program can be found here.

May Term

May Term is approximately a three week period during which students can participate in a wide array of Intensive Learning opportunities, including travel courses as well as on-campus courses. More information on recent English and Communication Studies Department May Term classes can be found here.


Many students expand their knowledge and skill sets through internship experiences off campus. More information on English and Communication Studies department internships and a list of where recent students have interned can be found here.

Independent Study

Independent studies provide students with a practical application of their particular majors or more specialized study in a particular area. More information and a recent list of English and Communication Studies Department independent studies can be found here.

Summer Scholars Program

The Summer Scholars Program at Roanoke College is a grant program that enables qualified students to conduct intensive, independent research for eight to twelve weeks during the summer. More information on the English and Communication Studies Department Summer Scholars Program can be found here.