Health & Exercise Science

About the program

The exercise science major provides students with a solid understanding of human physiology, human movement and the role exercise plays in human health. Exercise science can open the door to advanced study in graduate school and to careers in fitness and wellness, performance coaching, or clinical and rehabilitative specialty fields.

Building a foundation based on scientific inquiry and critical thinking, students are trained to effectively work toward improving the health of others. Through the collection of observational, lab and field data, students assess and analyze multiple levels of fitness metrics, with dynamic and state-of-the-art technology.

Real-world Learning

In concert with courses in human physiology, movement science, and fitness/wellness, students are encouraged to pursue experiential learning through research and internship experiences in kinesiology, exercise science or the rehabilitation sciences.  Students regularly participate in projects that are presented at regional and national conferences. Internship options are also available on and off campus at a variety of work sites, including fitness facilities, community health organizations, and clinical and rehabilitative facilities.

What's next?

Health and Exercise Science majors are equipped with the knowledge and experience to pursue graduate study or a variety of careers related to fitness instruction or personal training, strength and conditioning, and rehabilitation.

Graduate Study fields include:

  • cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation
  • physical or occupational therapy
  • exercise physiology
  • physician assistant studies
  • movement science
  • performance coaching
  • strength and conditioning