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The Roanoke Maroon Stat Crew is a group of student sports fans who are interested in what statistics can reveal about sports. Links:
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We have a Sports Analytics Concentration!
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What We Do
Attend games, collect data, analyze data, and give feedback to coaches. To date, the Crew has worked men's and women's soccer, men's and women's basketball, and men's and women's lacrosse and done projects for golf and baseball. As participation grows, we hope to cover more Roanoke College sports. 

Who We Are
The Stat Crew is comprised of students ranging from freshman to senior, with over ten different majors represented. Many Stat Crew members are varsity athletes, others are club athletes, and others are fans.  All are welcome! 

web SC graphExamples of Analytics 
Soccer: passing statistics, turnovers, offensive and defensive metrics
Basketball: shot charts, player and unit +/-, advanced NBA statistics
Lacrosse: shot charts, assist or dodge, offensive and defensive shot metrics

Research Projects
student presenting her researchQuestions raised in Crew meetings turn into research projects. Independent studies include shot quality analytics in soccer at the professional and ODAC levels, soccer passing graphs and metrics, Strokes Gained and consistency in golf, expected runs matrix for ODAC baseball, the effects of handedness on basketball shot efficiency, and field hockey passing graphs. Students presented posters at the 2016 Carolina Sports Analytics Meeting, gave a talk at the 2017 Joint Math Meetings in Atlanta, and contributed to the 2017 Virginia Sports Analytics Meeting at Roanoke College. 

Student playing lacrosseInternships
Nick Mattioli had a 2017 internship with the Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs hockey team. Taylor Ferebee and Connor Sampson had 2016 summer internships with the Atlanta Blaze of Major League Lacrosse. Sky Weber had a summer internship with the Cape Cod Baseball League doing analytics. Stat Crew is essentially an internship with Roanoke College athletics. Getting started in the growing field of sports analytics is an exciting opportunity!

How to Join
Contact faculty sponsors Roland Minton ( or Adam Childers ( or any current member of the Stat Crew.

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