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The Stat Crew is a group of students interested in what statistics can reveal about sports. We collect and analyze data for RC Athletics. See our Sports Analytics Concentration.
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Here are interviews with current Stat Crew members.

Data collection, working with friends, creating research projects, attending sports analytics conferences, getting jobs

   Jake Beardsley  "Roanoke's Stat Crew is a one-of-a-kind thing. No one has anything quite the same that is hands on like Stat Crew is ... really getting the feel for what to look for in a game and what matters and what doesn't numerically and strategically."

   Megan Wheeler  "I really enjoyed the CSAM (analytics conference) experience. It was cool to see how he (Peter Keating of ESPN the Magazine) used standard deviations to compare different athletes in different sports."

    Lauren Heffron  "This is a very marketable thing. When I was going to apply for the job (intern at an insurance company), when I told them about Stat Crew, everyone came in and said tell me more about this, it is so cool that your school offers this for you."

    Luke Elder  "For the baseball games, we were using ... the TrackMan system, so we got the data for all the pitches, such as velocity and spin rate, and if it was hit the launch angle and velocity of the hit ball."

Research Projects, Talks, and Internships

Jake Beardsley, Basketball analytics
Emma Blair, Lacrosse team analytics
Lexi Denning, Soccer expected goals
Taylor Ferebee, Field hockey analytics
Abby Hobby, Soccer analytics
Michael Johnson, Sports visualization
Linnea Kremer, Soccer expected goals
David Moreau, Golf analytics
Julian Ramirez, Basketball analytics
Zach Rodgers, Basketball analytics
Sky Weber, Baseball park factors
Megan Wheeler, Basketball expected points

Joint Mathematics Meeting, David Moreau talk "Stat Crew at Roanoke College"
Carolina Sports Analytics Meeting, David Moreau poster and talk Golf Analytics
                       Taylor Ferebee poster Field Hockey, talk Genomics
                       Megan Wheeler poster Basketball Analytics
Virginia Sports Analytics Meeting, David Moreau poster Stat Crew
                        Lexi Denning, poster Soccer Analytics
Midwest Sports Analytics Meeting, Jake Beardsley talk "The Harden Effect"

Anthony Jablonski, James Rowe, Cody Williams, Salem Red Sox
Even McIntyre, Durham Bulls
James Rowe, Roanoke RailYard Dawgs hockey
Taylor Ferebee and Connor Sampson, Atlanta Blaze of Major League Lacrosse
Sky Weber, Cape Cod Baseball League
Nick Mattioli, Roanoke RailYard Dawgs hockey

How to Join
Contact faculty sponsors Roland Minton ( or Adam Childers ( or any current member of the Stat Crew.

members of the stat crew