What programs are offered and how do they relate to each other?

The Criminal Justice major is a multidisciplinary program for students who wish to study causes, impacts and ways to control crime. Coursework focuses on civil and criminal law.

The International Relations major is a multidisciplinary program for students who have interests in foreign politics, transnational behavior, globalization, and related careers.

The Political Science major is designed for students desiring the conceptual knowledge and practical skills needed to contribute to responsible politics, governance, public policy, and citizenship at the local, national, and global levels.

The American Politics minor provides students an understanding of American political institutions, functions, and policies. The program is flexible and includes a choice of electives, which focus on a range of topics, from foreign and environmental policy to political theory and research techniques. Note that students majoring in Political Science may not declare an American Politics minor.

The Foreign Politics minor focuses of the international political system, the role of state and institutions and American foreign policy. An examination of international organizations, global political economy, political theory and research methods provides an understanding of the relationship between national and international policies in an increasingly interdependent world. Note that students majoring in Political Science may not declare a Foreign Politics minor.

The Legal Studies concentration serves students from any major with interests in the law. The Turk Pre-Law Program provides specialized advising and support for students considering law school. Interested students are encouraged to consult with Dr. Todd Peppers.

The Middle East Studies concentration is a multidisciplinary program for students who have interests in the politics, culture, and history of the region and wish to explore those interests in tandem with their majors and minors.

The Public Policy concentration is available for students who are considering a career in government and public policy. The new concentration provides students with tools for political and ethical policy analyses, including opportunities for experiential learning and the exploration of a wide variety of contemporary policy issues.

What courses do I need to take?

Criminal Justice major

International Relations major

Political Science major

American Politics minor

Foreign Politics minor

Legal Studies concentration

Middle East Studies concentration

Public Policy concentration