Claiming and celebrating the vision of faith that established Roanoke College.

group of RCLutheran students

Mission Statement:
Here we stand, a welcoming community called to share God's love and to grow in the Lutheran understanding of life and faith
Vision Statement:
The Holy Spirit inspires us to share and grow through worship, service, study, and fellowship!


Monday- Theology on Tap at Mac&Bobs from 9-10pm (weekly)

Wednesday- RCLight at Antrim Chapel from 9:15-10pm (weekly)

Thursday- Got Direction? (D-Group) in Ramser-Beamer from Noon-1pm (weekly)

***Plus special events every month!  Such as making smores after worship, hiking, bowling, going on retreats, participating in service events, etc.

Contact Info:

If you have any questions please contact us!  Join our email list!

President-Bridget Gautieri, bcgautieri@mail.roanoke.edu
Treasurer- Zachary Wright, zbwright@mail.roanoke.edu
Secretary- Danielle Bosdell, mdbosdell@mail.roanoke.edu


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