Medieval Studies

Human history is a big beast to tame. A concentration in Medieval Studies can help with perspective.

Taking on a concentration in Medieval Studies will deepen students’ understanding of our shared human experience. As an interdisciplinary field of study, it will require students to branch out of their disciplines and explore the historical, cultural, literary, linguistic and artistic roots of our modern world.

This wide-ranging concentration requires the completion of six courses, including History 120: The Medieval World, and one course from three different academic disciplines. Engaging in this spectrum of study will help students develop a more multifaceted and balanced approach to their work, and would be a useful addendum to those interested in continuing studies or graduate school.

We offer a concentration in medieval studies.

Students learn through travel

Students go abroad to France, the UK, Germany, and Greece as part of their courses!

Sample Course Offerings:

  • HIST 223: Medieval Englandcastle
  • FRENCH 311: Building a Nation: French Civilization and Culture
  • HIST 281: Early East Asia
  • ARTH 150: Art, Culture and Society I: Ancient and Medieval
  • PHIL 253: Medieval Philosophy
  • ENGL 334: Studies in Medieval Literature