Statistics prepares you to use quantitative information to answer questions in the social and natural sciences.

As a statistics student, you'll design experiments and analyze data in order to answer real research questions. You'll use the techniques you learn in class to help students from other disciplines interpret their data. Small class size and numerous collaborative research opportunities allow you to get practical experience while working closely with faculty members.

Choose your path. Skills in statistics are applicable to many different lines of work. Roanoke graduates use their expertise to enter a variety of fast growing fields, including industry, insurance and teaching. Others are studying statistics in graduate programs.                                                 

We offer a concentration in statistics.

Math at Roanoke College

Watch Video Students working as stat crew at sports game
From in the classroom to hands-on experience.

Number-crunching Maroon Stat Crew collects, analyzes sports team data

The student crew produces statistics that help find patterns among the players' performances, which help the coaches and teams play more effectively. 

Photo of Sarah Witt in front of her graphsSarah Witt '12, was named Marjorie Berkley Award winner as the top female student-athlete of the year. As track captain, she won conference championships in the 100m and 400m hurdles as well as the 4X400 relay. 

Witt was a mathematics major, with a concentration in statistics. She was president of the Roanoke College chapter of the Mathematics Association of America and vice-president of Females Excelling More in Math, Engineering and Science. Her analysis of Facebook networks was presented at a national mathematics conference.

"Investigating social network influence on Facebook helped me gain new perspective into how to approach a research problem," she said. "This experience prepared me for graduate school, and I had a lot of fun with it too."

Sarah went on to a master's program in statistics at the University of Kentucky.

Sample Course Offerings:

  • STAT 202: Probability and Statistics 
  • STAT 303: Experimental Designprofessor giving a lecture
  • STAT 304: Applied Regression Analysis

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Statistician ranks #4 on the CareerCast list of best jobs!

You have some pi on your face

We love to celebrate Pi Day here at Roanoke by baking pies and pie-ing our math, computer science and physics professors. 

Statistics bring "Moneyball" to golf

Dr. minton sitting in a golf cart on a laptop watching someone golfDr. Roland Minton, professor of mathematics and statistics at Roanoke College, has written Golf by the Numbers, an analysis of golf statistics that brings the spirit of the popular movie Moneyball to the analysis of golf. Minton's work is based on data collected by the PGA on every shot in the PGA tour-data which allowed him to create a rating system for golf that covered overall performance, as well as specific game elements, such as drives and putts. Dr. Minton was featured on NPR speaking about his book.

Professor Gets Pranked with Probability-Depicting Pigs

Professor Rahmoeller's office got "pigged." Ever heard of the game Pass the Pigs? Turns out, the game is a great way to illustrate probability. Instead of rolling dice, which have an equal probability of landing on each side, this game is played by rolling pigs. When you roll a pig, the probability of the pig ending up on its back is 22.4%, whereas the probability of the pig ending up on its feet is 8.8%. How do we know this? Well, one way to get a rough idea is to roll a pig 1000 times and record the rolled formations.