About the Institute

The Institute for Policy and Opinion Research (IPOR), formerly known as the Center for Community Research, was founded at Roanoke College in 1983 for the purpose of involving faculty and students in various research projects to benefit the community--local, state, and national. These projects provide important information to community leaders and residents while allowing students to learn by gaining valuable and practical firsthand experience in program evaluation and survey research. Faculty members also use the resources of the Institute in their professional research.

While its early focus was on the Roanoke Valley, IPOR has expanded its reach to include the state of Virginia and, in some cases, the nation. At the same time, the organization has evolved from one that conducted one personal interview survey each year to a professional call center with state-of-the-art survey software and a predictive dialer. IPOR now conducts regular polls during election campaigns, an annual General Assembly preview poll, and quarterly consumer sentiment and real estate polls.

IPOR is one of the primary sources of information regarding citizen attitudes within the Commonwealth. IPOR employs both student and community interviewers in its call center on the Roanoke College campus. IPOR is also involved in program evaluation in both the public and private sectors.