IPOR Services

IPOR is a full-service public opinion and policy analysis research center. Assisting governments, business leaders, and civic organizations to assemble and utilize information for strategic decision-making, IPOR can provide the expertise and experience to meet your research needs. Projects are undertaken and completed on a professional, timely, and cost-effective basis. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the information that you need.

Phone surveys

IPOR can conduct a phone survey to help you gather information from a cross-sectional or customized sample of citizens or clients. The questionnaire and sample can be customized to meet your needs, from a list you provide or one we generate or purchase.

Mail surveys

Mail surveys are often used in tandem with another data collection method. In some situations, mail surveys are still the most effective way of reaching your target audience.

Internet surveys

If you have a list of email addresses, then a web-based survey is both inexpensive and efficient. Internet surveys can allow for longer and more complex questions. They are also excellent for reaching younger demographics.

Program evaluations

IPOR can complete a program evaluation for a variety of projects in the governmental or non-profit sectors. With a goal-based focus on program outcomes, our expertise can help you evaluate your program and use those results to improve performance.


IPOR has been conducting political polling since 1994, when the then-Center for Community Research at Roanoke College was the first poll to show Senator Chuck Robb pulling ahead of his Republican opponent Oliver North. Today, the Roanoke College Poll enjoys the longest history of any organization doing political polling in Virginia. IPOR is the only group conducting consumer sentiment and real estate polls in the Commonwealth.