Student Staff Handbook

Mission, Vision, and Values
Organizational Structure
Timekeeping, Scheduling, and Payroll
Staff Development
Select Policies
Staff Recognition
Program-Specific Policies and Procedures


Welcome to the Campus Recreation staff at Roanoke College, where we employ over 100 students in various capacities. We hope that you enjoy being a part of our team as we strive to provide the best program possible for our students and the rest of the campus community. This handbook is intended to guide our employees with the common policies of the department. Employees should know and understand the policies and procedures listed in this handbook. A program-specific addendum may be provided for supplementary policies and procedures relevant to a particular job. If any specific questions or problems arise that are not covered in any document, please ask your supervisor or a professional staff member for clarification.

Mission, Vision, and Values


Campus Recreation enhances campus life by offering an evolving range of programs to encourage healthy lifestyles and overall wellness by facilitating opportunities to learn and try new things, cultivating transferable skills and leadership development, and fostering interpersonal relationships among students as well as the Roanoke College community as a whole.


Campus Recreation strives to provide high quality programs and facilities for the Roanoke College community to cultivate healthy and purposeful lives, so that we may set the standard in collegiate fitness and wellness for small, liberal arts institutions.


  • Purpose: We focus on providing an intentional extracurricular experience
  • Student-Centered: We provide programs and facilities with students in mind
  • Community: We embrace diversity and foster an inclusive environment
  • Fun: We inspire enjoyment in physical activity, experiential learning, and overall wellness

Organizational Structure

Campus Recreation works as a collective team to accomplish many of its goals. However, for most programming purposes, the department is setup in 3 program areas each with specific programs. Additionally, there is a functional area with 2 specific units that work to support the department and its programs.

Administration Adventures Fitness Sports
Marketing Aquatics Fitness Center Club Sports
Office Outdoor Adventures Group Fitness Intramurals
Recycling Personal Training

    Timekeeping, Scheduling, and Payroll

    Clocking In/Out

    All employees are required to clock in at the beginning and out at the end of their shift. Time Trax is the online time clock and can be accessed at Clocking in and out should be done from one of the program’s workstations when possible, but using one’s cellular phone is acceptable as long as the staff member is on the premises and ready for work at the time of clocking in. Employees are permitted to clock in no more than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled shift and should clock out within 5 minutes of their shift ending. If an employee happens to forget to clock in or out, he or she should immediately complete the time clock correction form at so it can be manually adjusted.  Forgetting to clock in or out more than once per pay period results in a point deduction.


    Time Trax imports each student’s availability based on their registered academic class schedule. For any additional times in which an employee is unavailable to work, it is the employee’s responsibility to notify the supervisor in advance. The supervisor will compile the schedule, upload the schedule to Time Trax, send to the staff via email, and post in their program’s facility. The manager will make an effort to see that employees’ availability is taken into consideration when making the schedule and hours are distributed appropriately. This will depend upon the needs of the program and the number of employees on staff as well as the employees’ availability and reliability. Employees are responsible for any shifts in which they are scheduled.

    Programs may vary in the length of their work schedules. For example, the Belk Fitness Center and the Office each schedule for a full semester while Intramurals put out a new schedule weekly. Please check with your supervisor to be certain you understand the schedule in its entirety.

    Shift Coverage

    If you need of a shift to be covered by another employee, it is your responsibility to find a substitute. Please submit a cover request on Time Trax as soon as you know you cannot make a scheduled shift so your fellow employees have ample amount of time to determine if they can cover for you. Once someone agrees to take your shift, it becomes their responsibility to work the scheduled hours.

    If you are unable to find someone to cover your shift, then it is your responsibility to show up to work that shift.  If you absolutely cannot work the shift, it is crucial to notify the supervisor as soon as possible so other coverage can be arranged in advance. Failing to obtain shift coverage will result in points being deducted.

    If you are in need of a substitute due to an unforeseeable event (sudden illness, family emergency, etc.), contact the supervisor immediately so they can try to find someone to cover your shift. If possible, please make every effort not to wait until the last minute to do so.


    Periodic meetings will be held with the staff to address concerns and ensure competency in job knowledge and ability. The frequency of these meetings may vary by program, but they will be scheduled at a time in which everyone is expected to be available and communicated in advance when possible. Supervisors will serve on the Campus Recreation leadership team to ensure the needs of their particular program are addressed.

    Submitting Time

    It is necessary for all student employees to submit their time on a weekly basis via the college’s Self-Service platform. The deadline for time submission is every Monday at 10:00am. Instructions on how to do so will be given by supervisors that the time of hiring.

    In order to protect the safety of staff and participants, programs may be canceled in the event of inclement weather.  If inclement weather is in the forecast, the director, other professional staff, and/or supervisor will make the decision as soon as possible then notify the staff accordingly. If no notification has been received, then employees are expected to be at work on time as scheduled.

    Staff Development

    Required Staff Trainings

    Staff trainings are important for the staff to become knowledgeable of department and program policies and procedures. Staff trainings include:

    • Supervisor Training
    • All-Staff Training
    • Program-Specific Training
    • In-Service Training
    • Mid-Year Orientation and Onboarding


    Many positions in Campus Recreation require certification in First Aid, CPR, and AED for employment. These include:

                                    Office Assistants                      Fitness Center Attendants               Intramural Supervisors

                                          Lifeguards                             Group Fitness Instructors                 Club Sports Assistants

                                  Outdoor Adventures                             Personal Trainers                     

    Certification courses will be offered through the American Red Cross at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters in addition to various times during the year. Staff requiring certification will not have to pay to take the course, but  will not be paid for the training. They must complete the training prior to beginning work. Should a staff member’s certification expire before renewal, he or she will be taken off the schedule until the recertification is completed. Failure to recertify within 30 days may be grounds for termination. Staff not required to be certified may request permission to enroll in a class and become certified.

    Students may have been certified in first aid, CPR, and AED prior to beginning employment in Campus Recreation, or they may choose to become certified at their own expense. Other recognized providers are:

    • American Heart Association
    • American Safety & Health Institute
    • EMS Safety Services
    • National Safety Council

    Other specific certifications are necessary to work certain jobs in Campus Recreation. These certifications are initially paid for by the student and then reimbursed in installments of $150 after three months up to $300.

    • Lifeguards: Lifeguarding through the American Red Cross
    • Adventure Guides: Wilderness First Aid or higher through SOLO, NOLS or WMI
    • Group Fitness Instructors: Group Fitness Instructor through ACE, ACSM, AFAA, or NETA
    • Personal Trainers: Personal Training through ACE, ACSM, NASM, or NSCA

    Professional Conferences

    Professional conferences provide the opportunity to grow by networking with others and attending or even presenting educational sessions. Staff that wish to attend a professional conference should submit a Student Development Funding Request form. Conferences include:

    • AORE National Conference
    • Fitness Expo
    • NIRSA Annual Conference
    • NIRSA Regional Conference
    • Resilient Virginia Conference
    • Virginia Adventure Education Conference
    • VRSA State Workshop

    Select Policies

    Key/Card Access

    Many employees will be issued a key and/or have permission on their Maroon Cards to access facilities only in which they are authorized and only for programs and events acknowledged by Campus Recreation. Key holders are responsible for the security of the facilities being used and the equipment stored within the facilities. If a key or Maroon Card is lost, please notify the Assistant Director and Campus Safety as soon as possible. Keys should be turned in to Campus Safety when employment ends or upon request.

    Facilities should not be left unattended. Make your best effort to get lunch and use the restroom facilities before beginning your shift; if you have to leave for any reason during your shift, please notify another staff member and make your absence brief. If, at the end of your shift, your replacement is running late, try to wait for them to arrive before leaving, if possible. If you cannot wait any longer, please notify a student supervisor or professional staff.

    Dress Code

    Each employee is required to wear proper attire while working which includes a Campus Recreation-issued staff shirt or other preapproved top which should be worn as the top layer if you choose to layer attire. Other attire, such as bottoms, footwear, and outerwear may vary by program, but should be appropriate for the job itself. No staff should wear clothing that displays the logo or wordmark of another college or university while on shift. Failing to wear proper attire will result in a point deduction.


    There are times when the job is slow. Therefore, to make efficient use of your time, homework is permitted when all tasks are completed. If a task comes up or a participant is present, homework must be put away.



    Working for Campus Recreation is a fun job, but we also get our work done too. The department generally has the following expectations of its employees:

    • Employment in Campus Recreation does not have to be your number one priority (in fact, it shouldn’t be) but your job should at least be obviously important to you
    • Pay attention during trainings, meetings, and while on shift
    • Show commitment, effort, and enthusiasm for your program and the work you do
    • Encourage your friends, classmates, and neighbors to get involved
    • Treat staff and participants with respect, and provide quality service
    • Use the resources available to you to resolve issues, but don’t be afraid to ask for help
    • Be reasonably accessible and available to communicate

    Hopefully you can meet these expectations, but we are always here to provide support for our staff to grow and develop vocational, leadership, and life skills.

    Point Deductions

    While expectations are intentionally vague and provide examples of what we would like to see out of our employees, point deductions are specific ways in when we have to hold staff accountable. All employees will begin their employment with 5 points. Employees will be notified of any and all points being deducted by a supervisor or professional staff member via email within 48 hours and will always have the option to dispute the deduction.

    Infractions that will result in 1 point being deducted include but are not limited to:

    • Failing to fulfill job duties
    • Showing up more than 5 minutes late to work without a valid reason
    • Failing to show up to work without a substitute but providing prior notice (3 days)
    • Wearing improper attire
    • Using profanity or inappropriate language
    • Using computer, cell phone, or other technology untimely or inappropriately
    • Forgetting to clock in/out more than once per pay period
    • Failure to submit hours worked via Self-Service by the weekly deadline

    Infractions that are more serious and result in 2 points being deducted include but are not limited to:

    • Showing a complete disregard for job duties

    Failing to show up to work without substitute, prior notice (3 days), and a valid reason

    Immediate Termination

    Some infractions may result in immediate termination. These include but are not limited to:

    • Lying
    • Stealing
    • Sexual harassment
    • Making racist, obscene, or derogatory statements
    • Showing up to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs

    These infractions may also result in referral to Student Conduct as appropriate.

    Notification Procedures

    An employee receiving a 1-point deduction will receive an email notification, with the program’s professional staff member and supervisor copied for their reference. Records will be available to the appropriate leadership staff members for review as needed. A 2-point deduction requires a meeting with the professional staff member responsible for that program. If an employee reaches 0 points, he or she must schedule a meeting with the Assistant Director with some form of corrective action likely which may include probation, suspension, or even termination.


    An employee may appeal any deduction(s) by replying to the deduction email within 48 hours of receiving the message. The appeal should be detailed and have any supporting documentation attached. The program coordinator and student supervisor(s) will review the appeal and then the program coordinator will notify the employee whether the appeal is accepted or declined. Deadlocked appeals will result in no points being deducted from the employee.


    If the appeal is denied, the employee has the option to request a hearing. The employee must reply to the appeal denial within 48 hours and state their intent to schedule a hearing. The program supervisor will then schedule a hearing within 48 hours including the assistant director, coordinator, student supervisor(s), and the employee. The employee should be prepared and bring any supporting documentation. Deadlocked hearings will result in no points being deducted from the employee.

    Dispute Process

    Employees will always have the right to an appeal and, if necessary, a hearing. The leadership staff is expected to be objective, fair, and reasonable throughout this process and determine each outcome on a case-by-case basis while maintaining consistency with precedent. For supervisors receiving a point deduction, appeals (and hearings) will be considered by the director and professional staff members.

    Point Additions

    Points will be added to the employee’s record upon one full semester or receiving no further deductions, or if the employee completes a job task that goes above and beyond job expectations as determined by the Assistant Director.

    Staff Recognition


    While all student employees play an important part in the success of the department, the leadership of our student supervisors make it all possible. Supervisors are held to a higher standard with greater expectations, but that comes with more pay and additional responsibilities. Being a supervisor provides a student employee with the opportunity to manage a staff, learn how to budget, plan and implement programs, and other skills valued in the workplace.

    Supervisor vacancies are anticipated ahead of time and current staff members are encouraged to express interest and apply. After conducting interviews with select candidates, a new supervisor is identified at least a quarter before the current supervisor departs from the position (most often due to graduation). Hiring in advance allows the incoming supervisor to shadow the outgoing supervisor for a period of time, learning directly from him or her to ease the transition into the new role before officially taking the reins.

    Even if an employee does not get or even want the job of supervisor, we will be working with you to develop your skills. If there is something in particular you want to learn or get involved in, please let us know!

    Quarterly Awards

    Campus Recreation supervisors nominate an outstanding employee from their program with an award for their efforts in a given quarter. Each semester, quarters begin on the first day of classes and run until break, and then from break until final exams begin. These awards will be presented at each program’s quarterly staff meeting, posted on each program’s bulletin board, and displayed in the Campus Recreation main office. Quarterly award nominations are due one week prior to the end of the quarter. An employee wishing to nominate a fellow staff member for a quarterly award should submit an award nomination.

    Criteria considered for quarterly awards include but is not limited to:

    • Performing outstanding work
    • Providing exceptional customer service
    • Willing to cover shifts for coworkers
    • Avoiding point deductions by not committing policy infractions

    Annual Awards

    Annual awards are much like quarterly awards but consider the academic year in totality. The criteria is mostly the same, but annual awards take into account both the consistency of exceptional work and steady improvement over time. These awards are presented at the staff banquet and displayed in the lobby just outside the Campus Recreation main office. Annual award nominations are due April 9th. An employee wishing to nominate a fellow staff member for an annual award should submit an award nomination.

    Staff Banquet

    Every April, Campus Recreation hosts a staff banquet in which all employees in the department are invited to a gathering for dinner and to celebrate another successful year review. Graduating seniors are recognized for their service with a Roanoke College alumni t-shirt and annual awards are presented to employees who have demonstrated exceptional work performance.

    Program-Specific Policies and Procedures

    Policies and procedures specific to individual programs and not covered in this handbook will be communicated to you by the appropriate supervisor. We are glad to have you on staff and hope you enjoy working for Campus Recreation!