Faculty Policies from the Faculty Handbook

The Faculty Handbook and the Catalog describe college policies and programs. Find the Handbook topic of interest below and then go to that section in the Faculty Handbook linked above.

Index to Faculty Handbook
43rd Edition 2021-2022
Topic Section
Absence, Faculty
Academic Freedom 2.9.2
Academic Integrity 3.4.2
Academic Policies of Interest to the Faculty 3
Academic Services 3.5
Administrative & Financial Policies 4
Administrative Structure 1.4
Animals in the Workplace 4.12
Appendix 7
Benefits, Employee 2.14
Bias, Harassment, and Discrimination 4.19
Block Schedules 4.3
By-laws of the Faculty 1.6.5
Civil Rights Complaints or Harassment 2.9.5
Class Size 3.3.6
Classroom Policies, Statement of 3.2
College History and Accreditation 1.1
Committees, Elections and Vacancies
Committees, Faculty
Compensation Policies 2.15
Complaints Involving a Faculty Member 5.4
Computer Facilities, Appropriate Use
Conduct Board, Student 5.3
Confidentiality of Data 2.9.13
Confidentiality of Student Records 5.1
Conflict of Interest 2.3.2
Conflict of Interest 2.9.12
Conflicts of Interest & Commitment 7.2
Constitution, Faculty 1.6.4
Contract Year 2.11.7
Contracts, Faculty 2.2
Copyright 4.9
Copyright/Creative Works 2.12.1
Creative Works Ownership
Dean's Council
Definition of Faculty Rank and Titles 2.1
Dining Options 3.5.8
Disability Accommodation, Employee 4.16
Discrimination 4.18
Dismissal for Cause
Drop for Excessive Absences 3.3.4
Drug-Free Workplace 7.1
Employee Assistance Program 2.14.9
Employment Policies and Procedures, Faculty 2
Equal Opportunity 2.9.4
Evaluations 2.5
Evaluations, Faculty Annual 2.5.2
Exceptions to Faculty Tenure, Guidelines
Expense Reimbursement 4.8
External Relations Policies 6
Faculty Development 2.10
Faculty Development Administered by FDC 2.10.1
Faculty Development Administered by the Dean 2.10.2
Faculty Professional Advancement Fund
Faculty Rights and Responsibilities 2.9
Family Leave/Paternity/Adoption 2.13.3
Final Exams 3.3.7
Flexible Workload 2.5.1
FMLA 2.13.3
Governance at Roanoke College 1.6
Grades, Definition 3.3.8
Grades, Records 3.3.5
Grading Scale 3.3.8
Grants, External Proposals 6.3
Grants, Internal
Grievance Procedures 2.16
Groups, Faculty
Harassment 4.18
History, Mission, Organization, and Governance 1
Inclement Weather Policy and Procedures 4.10
Independent Study, Internship, Tutorial Payments
Institutional Review Board
Keys 4.4
Leaves 2.13
Library Services 3.1
Maroon Alerts 4.11
Maternity Leave 2.13.1
Medical Leave 2.8.4
Military Leave 2.13.2
Non-Renewal (Probationary Contracts)
Office Hours
Office Hours 2.11.5
Organization 1.3
Organizational Chart 1.5
Outside Employment 2.11.4
Part-time Per Course Faculty 2.1.4
Personnel Records 2.4
Phased Retirement
Privacy of Computer Records
Professional Ethics 2.9.3
Professional Life 2.6.3
Professional Life Achievement Levels: Promotion
Professional Life Achievement Levels: Tenure
Program Evaluation Process (PEP) 3.4.1
Promotion Qualifications
Publications and Web Site Content 6.2
Publicity 6.1
Qualifications for Appointment by Rank 2.1.3
Registrar's Policies 3.3
Registration for Courses 3.3.2
Religious Accommodation, Employee 4.17
Research, Ethical Standards 2.12.3
Research, Institutional Review Board
Resources and Planning Council
Retirement Plan 2.14.8
Revision of the Faculty Handbook 1.7
Sabbatical Leave
Safety and Security Policy 2.9.11
Salary, Annual Change 4.1
Search, Appointment, and Orientation 2.3
Separation and Related Actions 2.8
Sexual Harassment 2.9.7
Sexual Misconduct 2.9.8
Sick Leave 2.13.1
Smoking Policy 2.9.10
Special Appointment Faculty 2.1.5
Student Evaluations of Course Offerings
Student Life Council
Student Policies of Interest to the Faculty 5
Student Records, Student Access 5.1.1
Substance Abuse Policy 2.9.9
Substance Abuse Policy 7.1.3
Syllabus Requirements 3.2
Teaching 2.11.1
Tenure and Promotion Reviews 2.7
Tenure and Promotion, Areas and Evidence 2.6.4
Tenure and Promotion, Delay
Tenure and Promotion, Departmental Committee
Tenure and Promotion, Dossier
Tenure and Promotion, Qualifications 2.6
Tenure and Promotion, Review Procedures 2.7.3
Tenure and Promotion, Review Timetables 2.7.4
Tenure and Promotion, Timing of Reviews 2.7.2
Tenure Qualifications
Travel, Professional 4.2
Tuition Remission 2.14.15
Use of College Facilities 5.2
Violence or Threats on Campus 4.14
Vision, Mission, Purpose Statement 1.2
Weapons in the Workplace 4.13
Whistleblower Policy 4.15
Withdrawal from Courses 3.3.3
Working Conditions 2.12
Workload, Faculty 2.11