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The Roanoke College Pathways program seeks to improve student learning by enhancing the quality of experiential learning opportunities available to our students. The three essential elements of these quality enhancements are: Preparation and Planning, Ongoing Guided Reflection, and Public Showcasing. Under this program, students will be guided through the stages of planning a project, prompted to reflect critically throughout the process, and articulate their learning through a public showcasing of their work and final reflection paper.

Award: $400 stipend for faculty and up to $500 for expenses related to the course.

Faculty Requirements

To receive Pathways support for an IL-Travel course, faculty must:

  1. Help your students develop learning goals associated with the course.
  2. Provide the framework and support for your students' ongoing guided reflection. That is, develop reflection prompts and provide feedback on your students' reflections. This can be done orally during regular meetings or through writing as part of a journaling process.
  3. Guide your students through the final reflection process leading to a final reflection paper.
  4. If appropriate, guide your students in the development of a culminating presentation/showcase.

Application Process

To apply for Pathways support, please complete this application form by January 6th for a course to be taught the following May or summer, and email it to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Student Engagement (

Award Recipients

Faculty who receive an award are required to turn in the following documents:

  • A sample learning agreement or description of how you will help your students develop learning goals for the course.
  • A short list of reflection prompts you plan to use to help guide your students' reflections.
  • An electronic copy of your students' final reflection papers in Word or PDF (not scanned PDFs).
  • An evaluation form at the end of the course (form will be provided).

Detailed descriptions of each required element of a Pathways project can be found in the Pathways-IL-Travel document.

Have questions? Please contact:

Dr. Richard Grant
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Student Engagement or