Dee April Andy Office

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!


How much is a decal?  Decals are $75 for students and can be purchased here.  Decals for Faculty and Staff are free and the form to request one is here.

Do I have to buy / have a decal?  Yes!  Every student, faculty and staff member must have a current decal properly displayed to park on Roanoke College property.

I received a parking ticket, where do I pay it?  The Business Office, located inside College Hall.

There aren’t any parking places.  Can I park wherever?  Make sure you’ve checked the Motor Vehicle Policy and are parking in the appropriate lot.

How long is my decal good for?  Decals are good for one academic year, beginning August 15th and ending August 14th of the next year.

I'm a Resident / Commuter, can I park in Visitor parking?  Not unless you are a visitor (not an enrolled student / faculty / staff member) and have a visitor parking pass.

I'm a Resident / Commuter, can I park in Faculty / Staff or Commuter Parking?  Only between the hours of 5pm – 2am, Monday – Friday and all day on the weekends.

There aren’t any classes, can I park wherever I want?  Unfortunately not!  The parking guidelines still apply even when there are no classes.

Maroon ID

My Maroon Card stopped working.  What do I do?  Call the Campus Safety office with the following:  When your card stopped working, what happened when you tried your card and whether or not your card has been damaged in some way.

I lost my Maroon card.  How do I get another one?  It’s $25 to replace a lost Maroon ID.  Click here to email the Campus Safety office - be sure to include your name and Maroon ID number.

My Maroon card broke.  Now what?  Replacing a broken Maroon ID is free!  Click here to email the Campus Safety office - be sure to include your name and Maroon ID number - and make sure to bring the broken pieces with you when you come to pick up your reprinted ID card.

If your Maroon ID isn't working to let you into a building you have access to outside the hours of 8am - 4:30pm, please call the Campus Safety office and ask the dispatcher to let you in remotely.

I'm a staff member and I need a picture / new ID, what do I do?  Please contact Campus Safety at 540-375-2310 to make an appointment. 


Can I have a weapon on campus?  No weapons are permitted on Roanoke College property.

Can I vape or smoke cigarettes?  Legal age for use of either is 21.  Vaping and smoking are prohibited inside and within 25 feet of all buildings (including residence halls) on Roanoke College property. 

Can I vape or smoke marijuana? Marijuana is currently prohibited on Roanoke College property.