Van Certification

New Van Certification Procedures!

Getting certified to drive College vehicles is now a more streamlined process! 

1) In order to begin the process, please email with the following information:

Faculty / Staff / Student
Organization you'll be driving for
Supervisor / Advisor (must be a Fac / Staff member)
Valid Driver's License (Yes / No)
Driver's License Number
State of Issue
Notes (this is for things like "I have a DUI," or "I need to be certified by last Friday")

2) Once we've processed your email, you'll be assigned two online modules to complete.  If you don't get an email from SafeColleges within 72 hours of your request, please email us.

3) Once you've completed the modules, please email to let us know you're finished.

4) Once we receive that email, we'll enroll you in the next van driving test.  Those are held on Fridays at 3pm, beginning in the Campus Safety office at 9N College Ave. (next to Freshens).

To participate in a given week's driving test, you must have completed the modules and emailed Campus Safety no later than 8am Wednesday morning of that week!

There are only six time slots available for the Friday tests!