Who to Call

Sometimes there are situations that aren't easy to categorize and it's hard to know who to call to report them.  Here's a handy list with some of the most common situations and who to contact.

Campus Safety

The Campus Safety office (540) 375-2310 primarily handles any issue involving protection of life, liberty or property.

Academic Building Unlocks
Blown Fuse
Building Unlock - Residence Hall Exterior
Fire / Fire Alarm
Jump Start
Maroon ID Issue
Medical Emergency
Parking Questions - Refer to the Parking Policy
Residence Hall Room Unlock - between 7am - 7pm (Afton, Elizabeth Campus residence halls, Greek Life 24/7)
Suicidal Ideation
Suspicious Person(s) or Vehicle(s)
Trouble Alarm
Vehicle Unlock

Resident Advisors

Alcohol / Noise / Smoking Issues
No Electricity
No Heat / Air Conditioning or Hot Water
Residence Hall Room Unlocks (between 7pm - 7am) - Call the on-duty RA for your building
          North Side - Augusta, Beamer, Caldwell, Catawba, Maxey, Ritter, Wells 1-3, Yonce 4-5 -     
            (540) 524-0699
          South Side - Bartlett, Chalmers, Crawford, Marion, Smith, - (540) 521-4282
          West Side - Afton, Catawba, Wortmann (Blue Ridge, Shenandoah, Tabor) 540-521-3246
          Elizabeth Campus & Greek Life - Chesapeake, Elizabeth Hall, Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa
            Alpha, Sigma Chi call Campus Safety for residence hall unlocks 24/7 - (540) 375-2310

Temperature Control Issues