Leadership Affinity House


Shenandoah Hall

shenandoah hall


  • To give students the opportunity to engage with individuals who are emerging leaders
  • To create active and involved student leaders
  • To encourage responsible and ethical citizenship
  • To increase awareness and understanding of one's impact on the community and the world
  • To promote the understanding of differences, and the ability to find commonalities in purpose and work collaboratively across differences
  • To develop students' authentic leadership styles and strengths
  • To encourage community development
  • To foster peer mentorship and team building

More about the Leadership House

The Leadership House is the newest Affinity House on campus.  We welcome any student who is interested in exploring leadership styles and theories and gaining leadership skills, as well as living amongst other student leaders. The tone of the community includes leadership development, mentorship opportunities, local and global citizenship, authentic leadership, fellowship, ambassadorship, leadership competencies, and teamwork, but it also asks that the community live by the tenets of empathy, curiosity, and celebration of differing leadership styles, both within and outside of the community.

Community Values

  • Commitment to leadership theories and organizational dynamics 
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities and skills ·        
  • Creative thinking ·        
  • Enthusiasm to start new projects ·        
  • Adaptability and flexibility