Mosaic Affinity House COMING FALL 2023


Tabor Hall 3rd Floor

Learning Objectives

  • To provide students a psychological, emotional, and physical space of comfort and safety, providing the foundation for those students to be able to fully engage in the greater RC community
  • To provide gender-inclusive for all residents to feel supported, safe, and comfortable in their housing assignments with respect to their gender identity and/or gender expression
  • To create active and involved student leaders and community members
  • To affirm that the lives of LGBTQ+ students are worthy of academic study
  • To encourage responsible, respectful, and ethical citizenship
  • To increase awareness and understanding of intersecting identities and the complexities within and among them
  • To promote the understanding of differences and the ability to find commonalities in purpose and work collaboratively across differences
  • To encourage community development and foster a sense of belonging
  • To foster peer mentorship, fellowship, and team building
  • To serve the greater Roanoke College community

More about the Mosaic House:

Community Values

Community – Foster a strong sense of community and well-being among LGBTQ+ students and allies, based on mutual accountability and respect

  • Knowledge – Develop knowledge of LGBTQ+ histories, identities, culture, and politics
  • Action – Increase exposure to and experiential practice of contemporary models of social justice organizing, service, and action
  • Responsibility – Develop a responsibility to one’s own growth and a responsibility to a community. A sense of responsibility requires careful reflection of one’s moral obligations to be thoughtful stewards of resources, accountability to ourselves and to others, and to the community we serve.


Approval of the advising committee.


Rachael Clark, LGBTQ+ Coordinator

For further information, please contact

Rachael Clark, LGBTQ+ Coordinator