Bartlett Hall

bartlett hall

Physical Address: 118 North Colorado Street

Class: freshmen and upperclassmen

Room types:  doubles and triples with the average double size 10' x 15'. Rooms are tiled.

Bathrooms: hall bathrooms

Laundry: free laundry is available in the basement

Meal plan information

Building floorplans

Bartlett Hall History
The second women's residence hall, opened in 1958, this building was named for Dr. William I. Bartlett '25. He joined the faculty in 1927 and taught English. He later rose to become Head of the Department and Dean of the College. Dr. Bartlett was deeply admired by his students and respected by his peers.

Additional Information about Bartlett Hall
Bartlett is part of the Bartlett/Smith Complex, located on the South Side of Campus.