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Maroons RWell


MaroonsRWell Employee Wellness Program
MaroonsRWell is an integrative work-site wellness program made available to all Roanoke College faculty and staff who are benefits-eligible, as well as spouses currently enrolled in the college health insurance plans. Our mission is to provide a culture of wellness at Roanoke College and empower employees to experience wellbeing through programs, events, and services offered as part of the wellness program.

Specific engagement options are available to participants throughout the year encompassing the various facets of wellness, including career, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial wellbeing. Be sure to check the Daily Announcements and beBetterHealth.net for more information and to learn about opportunities available to you each month.   

beBetter Health Wellness Portal
beBetter Health is one engagement tool offered to MaroonsRWell participants. The site provides a variety of resources and information to facilitate the individuals' health and wellness goals and wellness program updates 24/7. You may log into www.bebetterhealth.net with your existing username and password. If you are new to MaroonsRWell or have not activated your account, please see the Wellness Summary/Quick Start Guide for details on how to setup your online account.

Live & Learn Sessions
To support your efforts to protect your most valuable resource, educational Live and Learn sessions are offered each month. A campus or community wellness speaker will highlight the latest, ever-changing information on various health topics of interest. Live and Learn sessions are held during the noon lunch hour, those who wish to participate are encouraged to pack a lunch and bring it with you. 

Wellness Incentives
The wellness program year is divided into earning periods in which participants complete specific engagement opportunities to earn points towards receiving the incentive stipend payment for that earning period. Please see the MaroonsRWell Incentive Chart for complete details on the wellness stipend incentives with are paid on the last pay period of each quarter. The Incentive Chart and How to Get Points can also be found on the "My Rewards" page of beBetterHealth.net.

Health Coach & Wellness Advocate
Kate Smith, our VPC Health Coach/Wellness advocate, is embarking on her fourth year at Roanoke College. Kate is available for individual or group health coaching sessions on campus. Her broad knowledge ranging from fitness, to nutrition, to stress management, to disease prevention and management is a valuable asset to our wellness program. To schedule and appointment, you may reach Kate at wellnesskate@cicv.org or (540) 855-7784.

Kate also works closely with our Wellness Team and Human Resources department to coordinate wellness programming and promote wellness activities on campus. Feel free to reach out to her with ideas, questions, and comments regarding MaroonsRWell.

Wellness Fair
MaroonsRWell will host a Wellness Fair in the spring. This all-day event will highlight various community and campus wellness resources. Plan to visit for a few minutes during the time that best fits your schedule. Attendance at the Wellness Fair will award you 25 points towards your 3rd Earning Period wellness incentive and be entered to win various door prizes and Wellness Fair Grand Prize drawing. 

For more information, contact Human Resources at 375-2288 or Kate Smith at (540) 855-7784.