FLL Tournament 2021

Salem VA FIRST LEGO League tournament at Roanoke College, November 20, 2021

What do we need to do before the event?

Make sure all your team members are registered through firstinspires.org and on your VA/DC Team Manager account.

Teams have already received a link to upload materials for judging.  Those materials are due by Tuesday 11/16, 11:59pm.  Please contact your tournament direction (Cathy Sarisky, sarisky@roanoke.edu) if you need help.  

Teams have already received their judging schedules (and will receive a link to the judging Zoom room by Monday 11/15).  Contact Cathy Sarisky (sarisky@roanoke.edu) if you have not received yours.  Judging is ONLINE, Wednesday 11/17 and Thursday 11/18.


Roanoke College, home of the Maroons!  The tournament is in Bast Gym, 310 North Market Street, Salem VA.  Enter through the glass doors on the Market Street side and follow the signs to the gym floor.


Morning teams should arrive at Bast Gym at 9:00-9:15am and will depart at noon.  Afternoon teams should arrive at Bast Gym at 1:00-1:15pm and will depart at 4:00pm.  Sorry, early arrivals and late departures can't be easily accommodated.  If your team parents are providing transportation, please ask them to be punctual.


Parking will be in front of Bast Gym, in parking lot P7.  Teams may park in any space not specifically marked as reserved.  Don’t park in fire lanes or handicapped spots (unless you have a placard).  If you need to park a bus, the driver can drop passengers off at Bast but them should park in the Lower Olin lot, P11.

Pit space

Socially-distanced pit space will be assigned.  You'll have a couple tables and chairs for hanging out and/or working on your robot.


We'll be 100% masked while indoors.  No exceptions.  Please maintain social distancing as much as possible.

Can I spectate?

Sorry, no.  No spectators are allowed this year, by VA/DC rules.  Teams may bring ONLY registered team members and a maximum of two coaches.  If you have a team member who must have 1:1 adult supervision, please request an exemption for a third adult BEFORE the competition day.  No exceptions will be granted on the day of the tournament.

No food for sale!

There will be no concessions in the building.  Pack snacks and a drink.  Your team is welcome to eat ourdoors at tables near the gym or on the quad.

What to bring?

Bring your robot.  Bring spare batteries and/or a charger cord (or both).  Bring a laptop/tablet if your team wants to adjust programming between matches. 

If you want to show off your innovation project model or drawing to other teams, you're welcome to bring it.  This is entirely optional.

Many teams pack some small toys/games to enjoy while waiting for the next robot match.  You can also "get your wiggles out" on campus - there's plenty of space to kick a ball or toss a frisbee.

Make sure everyone has a mask!

Please do NOT bring team give-aways that make a mess or cannot be enjoyed in the venue, such a stickers, slime, candy, gum, etc.  Thanks for helping to keep the venue clean so we can come back next year!

What's the schedule?

Morning teams:

Time What Table A team Table B team
9:00am Morning teams check-in
9:15am Announcements & Welcome
9:30 Practice robot runs 51259 30485
9:40 Practice robot runs 52490 36355
9:50 Practice robot runs 45119 53997
10:00 Robot runs 51259 52490
10:10 Robot runs 30485 45119
10:20 Robot runs 36355 53997
10:40 Robot runs 30485 53997
10:50 Robot runs 51259 36355
11:00 Robot runs 52490 45119
11:10 Robot runs 51259 53997
11:20 Robot runs 36355 45119
11:30 Robot runs 52490 30485
11:45 Closing & participation ribbons

Afternoon teams

Time What Table A team Table B team
1:00pm Afternoon teams check-in
1:15pm Announcements & Welcome
1:30 Practice robot runs 32350 25762
1:40 Practice robot runs 54250 32693
1:50 Practice robot runs 38690 46108
2:00 Robot runs 32350 54250
2:10 Robot runs 25762 38690
2:20 Robot runs 32693 46108
2:40 Robot runs 25762 46108
2:50 Robot runs 32350 32693
3:00 Robot runs 54250 38690
3:10 Robot runs 32350 46108
3:20 Robot runs 32693 38690
3:30 Robot runs 54250 25762
3:45 Closing & participation ribbons

How can families and fans watch?

We'll be streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/roanokecollegerobotics 

You can see scores at:  https://flltournament.com/Scoreboard.aspx?tid=25425