Club Sports

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Club Sports are considered officially recognized student organizations by the College. The clubs practice regularly and compete against other teams, colleges, and/or universities in their respective leagues and conferences. All clubs are coed unless specified. Click on the links below for more information or to email a club sport:

Active Clubs Email President Coach/Advisor
Baseball Charlie Schroeder Rick Fox
Bass Fishing Will Hamilton Mike Vaught
Cheerleading Margaret Skiff Sunshine Layne
Dance Team Jessica Shelburne Kelsey Sowder
Esports Jimmy Siewert Randy Stubstad
Golf Shane Murawski Todd Bowyer
Ice Hockey Jordan Harris Steve Esworthy
Quiz Bowl Robert Mangum Dr. Gary Hollis
Riding Team Hallie Manchester Margaret Cornwell
Rock Climbing Marion Carter Patricia Lynn
Men's Rugby Luke Jones Dr. Garrett Thompson
Women's Rugby Keele Smith Dr. Garrett Thompson
Men's Soccer Zach Ramassini
Women's Soccer Emma Braun
Spikeball Ryan Denholm
Tennis TBA
Ultimate Frisbee Connor Cope
Volleyball Kelsey Stewart

The following club sports are currently inactive but can return to active status pending student interest:

Inactive Clubs Email
Men's Basketball
Women's Basketball
Men's Lacrosse

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