Department Chair Information

Chair Handbook & Calendar:

How to run/find/print/register/identify...

  • Courses for current or past years: use the Active Courses Live Excel available from the Faculty Information page
  • Course Roster: Use Roster Live Excel available from Dean's Office or RSTR in Colleague

  • Advisees by Faculty Member: Use the Departmental Advisees Live Excel availabe from Dean's Office or FADV in Colleague

  • Courses a student transfered in and how they count. 

    • Look at the student's DA via Self Service
    • Look at the TRER screen in Colleague, which give a bit more detail (directions here)
  • Student RCID: Look student up in Self Service

  • Student GPA: Overall GPA is on the DA, which you can get via Self Service. Major GPA must be hand calculated to include all courses that can count in the major. 

  • Register a student for an internship or independent study. 

    • Use this form to request section set up
    • Register the student after the section is set up and before the end of the add period
  • Register a student for Honors in Major: Send completed Honors in Major (in Form Finder) to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs & Administration
  • Request a tutorial for a student: contact the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs & Administration

  • Process Declarations of Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

  • Students with a particular major and the courses they have taken. Get the Live Excel file from the Associate Dean

  • Student Schedules: contact the Associate Dean for help with pulling schedules for all students in a course.

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Part-time/Overload Forms:

Performance Evaluation Forms:

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