Procedure for Hiring Part Time Faculty

Procedure for Hiring Part-Time Instructors

There are two aspects to hiring a part-time instructor. First, you need to have approval to offer a particular course with part-time staffing (e.g., ECON 232 during Fall 2010). Second, you need to hire the actual person to teach that courses. The two processes are explained below. See pp. 36-38 of the Department Chair Handbook for more detailed information on titles for PT faculty and maintaining a roster of PT faculty.

Getting approval to offer a course with part-time staffing:

  1. When you submit the COL for the next academic year (in October), indicate any courses you would like taught through part-time or overload staffing. If you know the instructor's name, simply put "(O)" or "(PT)" after the instructor's name to indicate it as an overload or a part-time unit. If you don't yet know who will be the instructor, please write "STAFF (PT)" or "STAFF (O)" in the Instructor column. If the need for part-time or overload staffing occurs at a later date, contact the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs & Administration.
  2. If this expense is approved, the course will be listed in the COL for preregistration.
  3. If this course will be staffed by a new PT instructor, see the instructions below.
  4. If this course will be staffed by a continuing PT instructor who has already taught that course, you're done!
  5. If this course will be staffed by a continuing PT instructor who has NOT yet taught this course, you'll need to submit a PT Credential Form for approval (see #5 below).

Hiring a part-time instructor:

  1. Acquire CV and certified transcripts. When you initially interview a candidate, you can ask for photocopies of transcripts. You might want to wait until the course has been approved (above), before you ask the candidate to supply certified transcripts. Certified transcripts are transcripts with an institutions official seal or authorized substitute that were (a) sent directly from an institution to Roanoke College; (b) delivered to the Dean's office in an envelope, sealed with signature or seal of the institution; or (c) provided by the institution electronically to the Dean's office through a recognized transcript service. Credentials cannot be approved until official transcripts have been received.
  2. Inform candidate that if hired, proof of identity and authorization to work in the US will be required on their first day of employment. Instructors will also be required to attend a 1.5 hour orientation session prior to the beginning of their first semester teaching at the College.
  3. When you have decided on whom you wish to hire, you can make a verbal offer. Lecturers are paid $2,900 per TCU. Senior Lecturers and FT Faculty Overloads are paid $3,100 per TCU.
  4. The Dean's Office will send you the background disclosure and release forms for you to forward to the candidate. The candidate should send this form to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs & Administration c/o Susan Rambo (  Although the form is labeled "Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure," we do not check credit; because we use a third party to do our background checks we are required by law to use their forms and language.
  5. After Human Resources informs the Dean's Office of the successful return of the background form, and you submit the potential instructor's CV as well as our receipt of the certified transcripts, you will be asked to verify and sign the Part-Time Credential form. If you're worried that approval of credentials might be in question, you can delay the verbal offer until credentials are approved or you can tell the candidate that the offer is contingent on approval of credentials.
  6. Once credentials are approved, the contract will be issued.
  7. Instructor name will be added to Colleague on/near August 1 or December 1. At that time the instructor's name will appear on the COL.

Modified 7/31/19