Faculty Information

Important Documents:

    Faculty Evaluations:

    As of April 2023, the faculty at Roanoke College no longer necessarily complete a self-evaluation each year; faculty new to the College usually will.  The Faculty Handbook has details about the faculty evaluation period.  Faculty members can check with their department chair (the Assistant Vice President for Academic Operations provides to each department chair in April a list of department faculty) to see when their next review is due.  Of course, all faculty are welcome to complete an additional self-evaluation out-of-cycle if they like.

    Course Evaluations (CIES):

    • Questions related to set-up, timing, response rate, and technical aspects of courses evaluations go to the Director of Institutional Research.
    • Questions or concerns related to errors made by students while completing course evaluations go to the Director of Institutional Research.
    • Questions, concerns, or reports regarding harassing, threatening, or uncivil comments in course evaluations go to the Dean of the College. 

    Other Forms:

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