INQ Teaching Materials & Rubrics

The Intellectual Inquiry Curriculum asks students to develop critical skills in

Resources for INQ 300 & Managing Group Work

Materials on the linked pages may be used by instructors in preparation of materials for their courses.

Information on proposing new INQ courses is available on the Course Proposals & Syllabi webpage

The rubrics below are used to assess student learning in the Intellectual Inquiry Curriculum.  Faculty are welcome to use these in other courses as well and to distribute the rubrics to students. Many of these rubrics have been adapted from AAC&U VALUE rubrics and other AAC&U materials.

Writing Rubric

Oral Communications Rubric

Information Literacy Rubric

Quantitative Reasoning Rubric

Ethical Reasoning Rubric

Science Methods Rubric

Social Science Methods Rubric

Humanities Methods Rubric

INQ 300 Project Rubric

Teamwork Rubric

Global Rubric