Oral Communications

Roanoke College faculty members may use any of the materials below in their classes or may modify these material as desired.

Favorite Videos to use in class

  • In the library, you will find several sets of DVDs of student presentations that can be used to show students what you want, don't want, and to allow them to critique a presentation by the rubric you will use.  See "Student Speeches for Critique and Analysis" on reserve in Fintel.
  • Steve Jobs presentation style analyzed as a model for others


Performance Anxiety

Assignment Design for Formal Presentations


Class Participation and Discussion

Oral Presentation Assignments

Group Presentations


Responding to and Grading Presentations

  • Presentation Criteria and Rubrics
  • INQ Oral Communication Rubric This is the rubric we use to assess student oral communication skills for program-level assessment. Instructors are welcome to share this with students or to use the rubric in non-INQ courses, if desired