Support for Teaching & Scholarship

Many offices and budgets on campus supply support for faculty teaching and scholarship. Sometimes that is money; other times support comes as a collaboration or support for a student worker.

  • Click here to link to a summary of Faculty Development Committee (FDC) internal grants
  • Your Departmental Budget may support travel to conferences, speakers, student assistants, course expenses, etc. Talk with department chair to find out what is possible.
  • Other Departmental or Program Budgets often co-sponsor or cost share to support programming. In addition to academic departments, consider whether some office in Student Affairs or Alumni Relations might be interested in co-sponsoring.
  • Faculty Professional Advancement Grants (FPA) are available to full-time faculty.  These grants pay up to $600 towards attendance at a conference at which you present.   Note that your department must also contribute at least $440. Deadlines are Sept 15, Dec 15, Mar 15, and May 15. Get the form from website FormFinder (Office of Dean of the College or search on name). Faculty may receive one FPA grant per year. Susan Rambo handles these grants. 
  • Professional Productivity Fund (PPA) supports tenure track faculty only for meeting promotion criteria.  This fund provides up to $600 to attend national or international conference at which you present, or for expenses related to publication. Get the form from website FormFinder (Office of Dean of the College or search on name)   Faculty members may receive one PPA grant per year. No departmental match beyond that used for the FPA is required. Susan Rambo handles these grant. 
  • Professional Life Account (PLA) allows you to tax shelter stipends in a PLA account. You must submit qualified receipts to spend those funds.  You must set up a PLA account in December for following calendar year. Susan Rambo handles PLA accounts.
  • Dean's Fund for Student Travel provides up to $500 for for a student to travel to a professional meeting. The student applies using the form on the Undergraduate Research page.        
  • Research Fellows Program for students can support a student to work with you for up to four years. 
    • Incoming students apply to be Research Fellow
    • Faculty submit projects on a rolling basis; students pick project of interest
    • Example projects can be found here 
    • Awards to student are up to $1,500 for student salary and $500 for the project each year
    • Contact Travis Carter, Director of Undergraduate Research. Starting Fall 2022, Lindsey Osterman will manage these.