May Term / Intensive Learning

The College provides a wide array of Intensive Learning opportunities, including travel courses as well as on-campus courses. The majority of these courses are offered in May, during a three-week term, although some travel courses may run a little over or a little under the three-week period.

Past May Term Courses

Travel-Based Courses

INQ 277  Promotions in Paris
On location in Paris
This course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of promotions management in Paris, France. Specifically, this course encourages learning by examining works of art, business atmospheres, traditional media and supporting media. We will stimulate creativity at museums, such as the Louvre and Musée d'Orsay. We will examine sales promotions, including business atmospheres and design, in the shopping district down the Ave de Champs-Elysées. We will examine promotions on billboards, in the métro, on buses, in premier magazines, etc. This course may be used as an elective within the Marketing Concentration.

INQ 277 Sustainable Operations: The Right Road to Profitability
Instructor: Dr. Chris McCart
Join us on an exciting adventure into sustainability learning how to "Go Green" AND still make a business profit. Starting in Salem, this course will define and explain the business processes taken to increase profit as an economic strategy while working within a business model that also affects positive changes on society and the environment. IN groups, we will visit local Roanoke Valley businesses to observe and discuss indications of sustainability. We will then begin a travel tour of model businesses and sustainability focused facilities starting in Boone, NC. at Appalachian State University to study wind farm research, Greenville, SC. visiting a hospital operation that includes its own worm farm, Spartanburg, SC. to view the BMW assembly plant in action, and conclude with a week in Charleston, SC. studying various sustainable applications in that area from the Port of Charleston to the fun-filled Eco-tour and it's water adventure to one of the barrier islands. The course will conclude with a re-visit of local businesses and student collaboration to present recommended changes to achieve sustainable business operations. 

IL 277 Basic Leadership Practices: Focus on the Walt Disney Companies
Instructor: Prof. Sharon Gibbs
This course explores key leadership practices for accomplishing group and organizational goals. It focuses on the behavioral model of leadership. The second half of the course studies leadership practices during the past and in the current time period within the focus (or case study) organization. Two weeks of classes will be held on the Roanoke College campus and one week will be held in Disney World - three half days will be spent at the Disney Institute learning Leadership - Disney Style. Prerequisites: None. This course may be substituted for BUAD 264 in requirements for the Business major and concentrations. For more information or application, contact Professor Gibbs,, or Dr. Nazemi, Cost: TBA. Prerequisite: None.

Campus-Based Courses:

INQ 277: Forensic Economics
Instructor: Dr. Tim Carpenter
An in-depth study of the required research, analytical techniques, report generation, and court preparation required in the evaluation and court testimony for Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, and Business Valuation Losses. Cross-listed as ECON 277 CC for elective credit in the ECON major or Finance concentration. Prerequisites: Economics 121, 122 and BUAD 258.

IL 277 CP: Experimental Economics
Instructor: Dr. Eddie Nik-Khah
The use of controlled laboratory experimentation in economics was regarded an impossibility a mere two decades ago, and yet practitioners have recently been recognized with nothing less than the Nobel Prize in economics. In this course we shall find that the study of laboratory experimentation in economics provides a golden opportunity to develop an understanding of the sudden emergence of economics as an "experimental" science, experience being an experimental economist and an experimental subject, and examine the pathways along which experimentation is actually changing social science. Students will not only learn the precepts of the field, but also have the opportunity to participate in real experiments.(1) Prerequisite: ECON 120 or 121 or permission of the instructor. Cross-listed as ECON 277 CP for elective in the Economics major.

Team Dynamics through Service
Instructor: Dr. Johanna Sweet

Marketing in a Global World
Instructor: Dr. Ivy Kutlu

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