Open Enrollment & Qualifying Events

Our Annual Open Enrollment period is your opportunity each year to review your benefits and make changes for the upcoming calendar year.  The Open Enrollment usually takes place during the fall semester and benefit changes are effective for January 1st of the new calendar year.  

Benefit election changes can only be made during the plan year if you experience a qualifying event such as: 

  • Birth of a child or adopting a child
  • Change in marital status
  • Dependent loses eligibility for membership (e.g., exceeding the age limit, divorce, etc.)
  • New dependent becomes eligible (e.g., newborns, adoptions)
  • Change in subscriber's employment
  • Change in hours from part-time to full-time and vice versa
  • Member assumes permanent residence outside the service area
  • Death of a member
  • Availability of other health coverage
  • You or your dependent become eligible for state-granted health premium assistance
  • You or your dependent loses health coverage under Medicaid or a State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

Any requested benefit change must be consistent with the status change, and status changes must be requested within 31 days of the qualifying event.

To report a qualifying event, please contact Human Resources at 540-375-2442 or visit our office on the first floor of College Hall.