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Health Insurance Plan Information 

The College offers three health plans; Anthem HMO POS Plan 9, Anthem High Deductible PPO Plan 7, and Anthem PPO Plan 4. Employee's portion of the premium is paid via payroll deduction and may be tax-sheltered through the "Premium Conversion" program. All health plans include prescription drug coverage.  For more information on the health plans, please see below. 

Health Plans Comparison 2022

Health Insurance Rates

Benefit Guide for All Roanoke College Health Plans

Summary of Benefits & Coverage for Roanoke College Health Insurance Plans

Spousal Coverage Eligibility Information

Employees’ spouses who are eligible for medical coverage through another employer may not be eligible for medical coverage in the Virginia Private Colleges Benefits Consortium (“VPCBC”) medical plan(s).  Employees who wish to cover their spouse on the VPCBC medical plan for 2022 will be required to completed a Spousal Affidavit. 

Three populations of spouses will continue to be eligible for enrollment as a dependent:

  • Spouses who are not employed.
  • Spouses who are employed but do not have access to affordable, minimum essential coverage that provides minimum value through their employer.
  • Spouses who are employed by Roanoke College or another VPCBC member school.

For more information about Spousal Benefits Eligibility please visit the Spousal Benefits Eligibility Page.

Link for Spousal Affidavit

LiveHealth Online:

Anthem LiveHealth Online is a virtual physician visit service offered by Anthem is a more convenient and cheaper alternative for most routine types of illnesses or injuries. Beginning in 2022, LiveHealth Online medical visits will cost plan 9 and 4 participants only a $5 copay. This will make using LiveHealth Online an even more affordable option.

Sign up is free too!

For more information, please see the links below:

Live Health Online Flier
Live Health Online Website

Anthem Links:

Anthem Website
Anthem SpecialOffers Program

IngenioRx Prescription Coverage

Prescription drug coverage will continue through IngenioRx. The value based preventative drug benefits will continue to be offered for all plans. This means that certain preventive medications will be covered at low or no cost to the member. Preventive Rx covers drugs that help keep you healthy because they prevent illness and other health conditions.

Value Based Drug Preventive Medications List 

Home Delivery Pharmacy:

IngenioRx also offers a home delivery service through IngenioRx Home Delivery Pharmacy. For medications taken on a regular basis, you will have the benefit of receiving a 90-day supply delivered right to your door while being cost effective. For more information, please see the links below.

Customer Service:

IngenioRx Customer Service (833) 389-1968

IngenioRx Links:

IngenioRx Plan Guide

Home Delivery Brochure

IngenioRx Mail Order Delivery Form

IngenioRx Claim Form

Free Identity Theft Resources Provided by Anthem

Anthem has partnered with AllClear ID, a leading identity protection service, to help keep your personal information secure.

AllClear ID offers Anthem healthcare participant identity repair, credit and identity monitoring services at no extra cost.

In addition to these services participants get:

  • Identity repair.
  • identity theft insurance policy (up to $1 million).
  • ChildScan for minors (databases are scanned to detect unauthorized use of a child’s Social Security number).
  • An annual credit score and credit report (on request).
  • The ability to set, renew and remove 90-day fraud alerts on your credit file to help protect them from fraud.

To enroll, or learn more, please visit

AllClear ID Links:

Identity Theft Resources by Anthem