Spousal Benefits Eligibility

Spousal Benefits Eligibility

Effective January 2021, employees’ spouses who have access to medical coverage*  through another employer will no longer be eligible for medical coverage in the Virginia Private Colleges Benefits Consortium (“VPCBC”) medical plan. This eligibility change helps VPCBC maintain affordable coverage for our employees, their spouses who do not have access to another employer’s medical coverage, and dependent children.

Three populations of spouses will continue to be eligible for enrollment as your dependent:

  • Spouses who are not employed;
  • Spouses who are employed but do not have access to affordable, minimum essential coverage that provides minimum value through their employer; and
  • Spouses who are employed by a VPCBC member school, including Roanoke College

A Spousal Affidavit will be required to be completed by every employee who covers a spouse on any of Roanoke College’s health insurance plans. 

The Spousal provision only applies to medical coverage. Employees may still carry spouses on dental and vision coverage.  

Benefit Spousal Affidavit Required
Health Yes
Dental No
Vision No
Other Benefits (Flex, HSA, Life Insurance) No

 Link for Spousal Affidavit:

Spousal Affidavit

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*Affordable, minimum essential coverage that provides minimum value as defined by the Affordable Care Act means health coverage that is affordable (for 2021, the employee portion of the Employee Only premium for the employer’s lowest-cost coverage does not exceed 9.83 percent of the employee’s income) and provides minimum value (plan pays at least 60 percent of the total allowed costs of benefits provided under the plan).
Note: All employers must provide information to their employees in one of their health plan documents, the Summary of Benefits and Coverage, informing them whether their employer-sponsored coverage meets the minimum value standard.
In addition, all employers must provide a notice to all employees beginning October 1, 2013 regarding coverage options available through the Health Insurance Marketplace or Exchange. In this notice, employers may indicate if the employer-based coverage meets the minimum value standard and the cost of the coverage is intended to be affordable, based on employee wages.
Consult your spouse’s employer if you have questions regarding the affordability and minimum value status of their employer-sponsored coverage.

 For questions regarding Spousal Eligibility or any of our benefit offerings, please contact Human Resources: 375-2442, or 375-2455 or visit our office on the first floor of College Hall.