Retirement Plan

Retirement Plan 

Roanoke College 403(b) Plan

Roanoke College sponsors a 403(b) defined contribution retirement plan through TIAA.  After one year of service in a regular position, the college will begin contributing a designated percentage of an employee's base salary. Employees who have prior 403(b) retirement plans may begin participating first of the month following employment.

The College also sponsors a supplemental 403(b) tax deferred annuity plan.  Employees may begin voluntary contributions to this plan immediately upon hire.

IRS Retirement Limits for 2022

Retirement Limits

403b Deferral Limit

403b Catch Up Limit (Age 50+)


Link to Salary Reduction Agreement Form - TIAA 

How to Enroll

All eligible employees must enroll online. Use the link below for step-by-step instructions.
How to Enroll Online.

Investment Options and Other Plan Information

Summary of Plan Services and Fees

Saving for Retirement

Saving Early for Retirement 

Customer Service

TIAA (800) 842-2776

TIAA Financial Consultant

The Roanoke College TIAA Financial Consultant, Timothy Davis

Phone: (800) 732-8353


To see more information about our TIAA on- campus visits or to schedule an appointment, please see our TIAA appointment page.

Retirement Plan Links

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