Diversity & Inclusion Campus Partners

Campus Partners

Accessible Education Services 

Becky Harman, M.Ed
Assistant Director of Academic Services for Accessible Education

AES strives to meet the needs of students with documented disabilities in alignment with Roanoke College's commitment to providing equal access to educational opportunities for all students, in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Our mission is to enhance the student educational experience by promoting wellness of the whole person in the living and learning environments and to empower students to make informed and intentional choices regarding their overall health and well-being. We provide exceptional care by taking an integrated and holistic service delivery approach.

Alumni Association

A photo of Sally Walker

Sally Logan Walker, MSW
Director of Alumni & Donor Relations

The mission of the Alumni Association is to involve as many alumni as possible in satisfying relationships in the life of Roanoke College and to build strong connections to our community, region, and the world. The Alumni Association seeks to promote programs and events that share the values of diversity and inclusion, so all our Maroons embrace our community to feel a sense of equality and belonging.

The Office of Alumni & Family Relations seeks to support all students and their families during their time at the College through established and new traditions so that they may remain lifelong active Maroons.

International Education

Dr. Pamela Serota Cote
Director of International Education
Phone: 540-375-2299

The Office of International Education at Roanoke College provides a wide variety of programs and support services to students who wish to study abroad and to students from around the world who are studying on our campus. The mission of the Office of International Education is to encourage global awareness and to facilitate cross-cultural understanding.

Peace and Justice Studies

Srikanth Mallavarapu

Dr. Srikanth Mallavarapu
Coordinator of the Peace and Justice Studies Program

Peace and Justice Studies is an interdisciplinary program that examines conditions for bringing about a just and peaceful world order. The field of Peace and Justice Studies relates scholarship to practice and challenges those who engage in it to develop new ways of thinking and acting in the world.

Religious & Spiritual Life

Rev Chris Bowen

Rev. Chris Bowen
Chaplain of the College
(540) 375-2300

In the delightfully challenging years of college life, a student has the opportunity to nurture the vital habits of critical thinking and spiritual growth. At Roanoke College students are challenged to integrate these habits into a lifelong discipline of responsible life.

Residence Life & Housing

Jimmy Whited Photo

Mr. Jimmy Whited
Director, Residence Life & Housing
(540) 375-2208

In support of the mission of Roanoke College, Residence Life & Housing strives to enhance the student experience by providing safe, comfortable, and inclusive residential communities that foster a sense of belonging.

LGBTQ+ Coordinator

Rachael Clark Faculty photo

Rachael Clark
Associate Director, Residence Life & Housing, LGBTQ+ Coordinator
(540) 375-5207