Bachelor of Arts (OLD requirements)

OLD Bachelor of Arts in Psychology requirements (for students who declared the Psychology Major prior to 7-1-2021)

The psychology department has consolidated the BA and BS into one degree (a Bachelor of Science in Psychology). Students who have already declared their major can either continue with their current requirements or, if they wish, they are welcome to switch to the new BS requirements. Please consult with your academic advisor if you would like to discuss these options.

If you have not yet declared the Psychology Major, please go to Major in Psychology for the current degree requirements.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (OLD)

The Bachelor of Arts degree requires the completion of 12 units. These include:

  • Core Overview Courses (2 units): PSYC 101, PSYC 390.
  • Core Research Methods Courses (3 units): PSYC 202, 204, and 1 research course (PSYC 410, 415, 430).
  • Domain Courses (4 units): At least one course per domain (Developmental PSYC 221, 321-329; Biological PSYC 231, 330-339; Cognitive PSYC 241, 341-349; Social-personality PSYC 251, 351- 359), with two at the 200 level and two at the 300 level in different domains.
  • Electives (3 units): Any PSYC courses at any level, but only 1 Internship (PSYC 316, 317) and only 1 unit of Mentored Research (PSYC 306, 311, 312, 405, 406, 407, 495, 496, 497) can count for the major. HNRS/INQ260PY may count as an elective in the major.

chart of units that must be completed
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Enrollment in Internship and Mentored Research

For enrollment in an Internship (PSYC 316/317), a written application must be submitted to the Director of the Internship Program and approved by the department faculty prior to registration. Contact the Internship Director for more information about the application process.  For enrollment in Mentored Research (Research Experience PSYC 106, Research Practicum PSYC 306, Independent Study (Literature Review) PSYC 311/312, Independent Study (Empirical Research) PSYC 405/406/407, or an Honors Project PSYC 495/496/497), a written application must be submitted to the department chairperson and approved by the department faculty prior to registration. Information about the application process for Internships and Mentored Research can be found under the Research and Internships section of the department website. 

Click here for more information on Internships and Mentored Research