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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Roanoke College is dedicated to improving the quality of life for students of multicultural backgrounds and, through a more welcoming and comforting environment, helping them excel academically and socially. Through diverse educational, cultural and social programs, we're building a more diverse community of students. 

Group of students in downtown Roanoke on a rooftop patio with the mountains beyond
  • The P.E.A.C.E. (Proficiency, Education, Advocacy, Civility, and Equity) framework is comprehensive, flexible, and designed to provide our campus with a sustainable and attainable format for incorporating diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into the Roanoke College fiber.

  • We desire for all members of our community to live authentically and be accepted for who they are, starting at the very heart of their identity—their name.

Black Student Alliance
Black Student Alliance
RC Pride
RC Pride
Diversity Poster Spotlights
Multicultural Fair
RC Pride

College is a great time to identify and indulge interests that bring you joy and meaning, whether that be service work, faith-based fellowship, intellectual community or hobbies. With more than 125 clubs and organizations, Roanoke College is the perfect place to explore, meet people and have fun. We're sure you'll find something to spark your passion.  

HOLA student club

To report an alleged bias incident committed by an employee, please contact Ms. Kathy Martin, Director of Human Resources.  Her office is located at 210 College Hall. Phone: 540-375-2262 or email:

To report an alleged bias incident committed by a student, please contact Ms. Amy Perkins, Assistant Dean of Students. Her office is located at 205 Alumni Gym. Phone 540-375-2592 or email:

As a student, you are encouraged to report anything you hear or see that feels like a bias incident.

Anonymously report a bias incident

Morehead Hall
Morehead Hall