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Office of Community, Diversity and Inclusion

Human hospitality to others overcomes the fear of exclusion, the feeling of unworthiness, and the burden of self-justification. Hospitality makes deep learning possible.

The quote above is from "Rooted and Open, The Common Calling of the Network of E.L.C.A. Colleges and Universities" (2018). As a member of the Evangelical Lutheran College Association (E.L.C.A.), Roanoke College is dedicated to practicing "human hospitality" and building a community of belonging and inclusion. The pursuit of inclusive excellence calls for all to be respected, valued, and included and that our community provides an environment where practices are equitable and founded on principles that are mindful of culture, race, various backgrounds, identities, life experiences, expressions, and perspectives. 

Roanoke College's pursuit of inclusive excellence must also include opportunities for meaningful engagement and connectiveness. In that vein, we must be cognizant of lived experiences and how they frame our perceptions, assumptions, and values. We are complimented by our diversity and potential to enrich our community further by seeing value in preparing our community for student, teaching, and professional success. We seek to create an environment where all our members have a sense of belonging. 

Our pursuit is void of discrimination and exclusion, but instead, it builds a community where one can express views and conduct themselves in a manner conducive to educational transformation and prepares our students to participate actively in a global society. 

The P.E.A.C.E. Framework and Strategic Plan is available to our community and is a comprehensive guide. It includes input from students, faculty, and staff and serves as a sustainable and attainable guide and plan for contributing to the educational fiber of Roanoke College.  

I hope that you find these pages useful and as a resource.


Teresa Johnson Ramey, Ed.D.

  • The P.E.A.C.E. (Proficiency, Education, Advocacy, Civility, and Equity) framework is comprehensive, flexible, and designed to provide our campus with a sustainable and attainable format for incorporating diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into the Roanoke College fiber.

  • The Diversity and Inclusion Symposium allows students, faculty, and staff within the Roanoke College community to share, engage, and learn through presentations and discussions that advance belonging and intellectual dialogue. The Symposium is an annual fall semester event.  

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    Integral to an inclusive community is creating intentional space for voices to be heard and valued. "Dialogues" is designed to make space for students, faculty, and staff in a format that promotes engagement and insight. Trained students, faculty, and staff will lead small group discussions on various topics related to our community, identity, expressions, and any area or topic that contributes to creating a welcoming environment.

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    The CDI Spotlight Series highlights students, faculty, staff, and alums interested in presenting a topic or event related to the campus goal of advancing diversity, access, inclusion, and belonging. Community members interested in participating in the CDI Spotlight Series can contact the Office of Community, Diversity, and Inclusion at