Parish and Youth Leadership

Parish Youth Leadership equips you for a career working with youth in a faith-based setting. 

By zeroing in on the specific challenges and goals of youth ministry, you will be ready to take an active approach to guiding youth in questions of faith. A concentration in Parish Youth Leadership makes a strong pairing with a major in religious studies, Christian studies or psychology.

At Roanoke, you'll work one-on-one with professors, several of whom are renowned Christian theologians, as well as with youth pastors in the field. You'll also have the opportunity to experience an internship in Parish Youth Leadership. You can broaden your experiences through travel courses, international service opportunities, study abroad and independent research.                                                

While Parish Youth Leadership is designed specifically to prepare you to serve as a youth leader in a church or community setting, you also may find this concentration helpful for more general careers in ministry, counseling, social work, community leadership, education and mission work.  

We offer a concentration in Parish Youth Leadership.

Birdget Gauteri inside the a Lutheran Church

Bridget Gautieri spent a summer on a European trip designed for young adults involved in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The program enabled Bridget to learn about Lutheran and other Christian organizations around the world and how young adults can be more involved in them. She spent time in Geneva, Switzerland, visiting the Lutheran World Federation and the World Council of Churches, and in Taizé, France, at a Catholic-Christian commune. There, students focused on simple living, silence and Bible study, and took part in the different jobs necessary to keep a commune running.  

“Adwoa Asante used her time well at Roanoke to find out more about herself. With a major in psychology, a minor in religious studies and a concentration in Parish Youth Leadership, she is well-prepared to make a difference in the lives of others. ”

Dr. David Nichols, academic advisor

Students study the life of Jesus firsthand in Israel

Ben Cowgill ’17 Explores a Different Side of Ministry Research

During his time at Roanoke College, Benjamin Cowgill '17 completed research on youth persistence in the Anglican Church. "In my coursework, I found many authors focusing on the negative (why young people are leaving the church) versus the positive (why they stay involved) and I wanted to look at why some people chose the latter," Cowgill says. "Roanoke gave me an excellent opportunity to take a question from a regular class and pursue it in a way I would not have been able to without the generous support and encouragement of my mentors at the college."


Roanoke to establish Theology4Teens summer institute

T4Teens will be a week-long residential summer program to introduce high school students to biblical and theological scholarship, and help them engage in contemporary challenges.

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