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Policies for Faculty in Travel Courses

submit an application to the Dean's Office September through November. The Gen Ed Director facilitates sending applications to faculty, providing checks of academic and conduct records, and notifying


the Scholarship Application and personal statement if you would like to be considered for a scholarship Application Deadlines For fall semester abroad: February 1 is the deadline for applications for fall semester of the following academic year. For spring semester abroad: September 1 is the deadline for applications for the spring semester of the following academic year.

Intensive Learning Travel Courses

using the IL Travel Scholarship Application. Review the eligibility criteria and then complete the application form to apply for one or more of these funds. Separate applications are required ... Languages during the Intensive Learning Term. Typical award amounts range from $250-$500. Recipients are selected based on academic merit and economic need. Applications are available from

Technical Tracks

Development IT Web Developers work with the Director of Web and Software Development Services to develop, maintain and deploy web based applications in the support of the college mission. Past projects have included: MyRoanoke Portal, Alumni/Family weekend registration, Admissions online applications, student course evaluation system, campus directory, MOX, Mobile Website, senior auction and much

Guidelines for Student Publications

; 2. Review written applications and set interviews for applicants; 3. Interview student applicants for editorships of student publications; 4. Make final selection based upon experience

Psychology Course Descriptions

.   351 Personality Theories of personality, applications, and extensions of these theories, current research on individual differences, and methods and issues in personality measurement. (1

Summer Session

Courses for Summer 2013 SUMMER TERM I (June 3-28) PHILOSOPHY 215 A: SYMBOLIC LOGIC Professor Zorn Period 2 (10:50-1:00) This course will focus on mastering the techniques of modern logic, including truth tables and the method of proof in the propositional and predicate calculus.  We will also look briefly at the philosophy of logic and some of the applications of logic in philosophy and in fields outside philosophy.  In the process, students will acquire the grounding in rigorous and clear thinking required for serious inquiry in philosophy or any other subject.   INQ 120

Course Descriptions

, value, texture, color, space, content, and style. Emphasis on visual problem-solving, the vocabulary of art, and craftsmanship in the use of materials. Computer applications in graphics introduced. (1 ... of the student. Fundamentals of studio lighting, use of medium format camera, film processing and darkroom techniques, experimental techniques, computer imaging applications, and historical context ... Fundamentals of printmaking in the areas of stencils, photo-silkscreening, computer applications, and lithography. Emphasis on fine art production and techniques of each art form. (1) Lecture/Studio: 4

Prospective Students

Information for Prospective Students Admission to Roanoke Roanoke College welcomes applications from students from other countries.  We have a diverse international student body, typically representing about 30 countries each year.   To apply as a degree-seeking student, please follow the instructions in the  admissions information for international students .  There is an online application and you can find information about financial aid and how to acquire the F-1 student visa. For more details, please contact  Elise Bennett . Roanoke College also partners with several

Math Research

be distinguished ("colored"), with applications in scheduling and network analysis. David Taylor : games and gambling. The determination of optimal or near-optimal strategies for various games creates