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of motion at a high economic cost as well as a high degree of subject interference from the suit that must be worn. This reduces the practicality for motion analysis applications outside of a laboratory

Policies for Faculty in Travel Courses

submit an application to the Dean's Office September through November. The Gen Ed Director facilitates sending applications to faculty, providing checks of academic and conduct records, and notifying


to be considered for a scholarship Application Deadlines For fall semester abroad: February 1 is the deadline for applications for fall semester of the following academic year. For spring semester abroad: September 1 is the deadline for applications for the spring semester of the current academic year.

Senior Thesis

Odyssey Dr. Adkins Bridget Rose (Philosophy) The Necessity of Moral Discourse: Plato’s Political Philosophy and Its Applications to Contemporary Democracy Dr. Zorn Zachary Wright (Christian

Technical Tracks

and deploy web based applications in the support of the college mission. Past projects have included: MyRoanoke Portal, Alumni/Family weekend registration, Admissions online applications, student course

Guidelines for Student Publications

for editorships; 2. Review written applications and set interviews for applicants; 3. Interview student applicants for editorships of student publications; 4. Make final selection based upon

Psychology Course Descriptions

or permission.   May be repeated for credit.   351 Personality Theories of personality, applications, and extensions of these theories, current research on individual differences, and methods

Physics Faculty Openings

Physics Faculty Openings The following has been posted on HigherEdJobs. Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics Roanoke College invites applications for a one-year appointment at the rank of Visiting Assistant Professor, starting in August 2022. The position is a temporary replacement due to a last-minute faculty departure. We will search for a tenure-track appointment to start ... of a diverse community in their cover letters. All applications received by May 20, 2022, will be given full consideration, and applications received afterwards will be considered on a rolling basis

Tuition Benefits

and (2) apply to the specific Tuition Exchange network.   Tuition Exchange applications (EZ app) may be submitted here . Council of Independent Colleges Tuition Exchange Program (CIC-TEP) applications may be submitted here . ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) Tuition Exchange Program does not require this additional step.  Only new students, those who have not previously

Summer Session

Courses for Summer 2013 SUMMER TERM I (June 3-28) PHILOSOPHY 215 A: SYMBOLIC LOGIC Professor Zorn Period 2 (10:50-1:00) This course will focus on mastering the techniques of modern logic, including truth tables and the method of proof in the propositional and predicate calculus.  We will also look briefly at the philosophy of logic and some of the applications of logic in philosophy and in fields outside philosophy.  In the process, students will acquire the grounding in rigorous and clear thinking required for serious inquiry in philosophy or any other subject.   INQ 120