Institute for Policy and Opinion Research

The Institute for Policy and Opinion Research (IPOR) conducts regular surveys within the Commonwealth of Virginia. These polls focus on political, economic, and social issues of importance throughout the state. Many of these polls focus on electoral politics, but we also poll on important social issues. IPOR is the only organization measuring consumer sentiment and real estate outlook in Virginia. Those polls are conducted quarterly in November, February, May and August.

IPOR's polls are underwritten by Roanoke College as a public service, providing Virginians and state leaders with information regarding the opinions of its citizens on various issues. IPOR is non-partisan and non-ideological. IPOR works with governmental agencies and private businesses when it does not conflict with mission of Roanoke College or the independence of IPOR.

The Institute operates a 20-station, state-of-the-art, Computer-Assisted-Telephone-Interview (CATI) call center on the Roanoke College campus. In addition to telephone polls, IPOR conducts mail, internet, and personal interview surveys. The Institute also completes program evaluations using appropriate methods for each project undertaken. IPOR sometimes works with non-profit agencies on a reduced-cost basis.


Recent news from IPOR

The Reconnect Research/Roanoke College Poll on race and police

A nationwide poll by Reconnect Research and Roanoke College shows views of the nation toward local police, race relations and recent protests across the country.  

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Roanoke College Poll: COVID-19

Virginians are concerned about the medical and economic impact of COVID-19. However, most Virginians see “normal” as months or longer away. 

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Roanoke College Poll: May 2020 Va Consumer Sentiment and Inflation Expectations Report

The Va. Index of Consumer Sentiment plummeted almost 16 points over last quarter. However, Virginians exude confidence about the future of the economy and pulling out of the recession quickly. 

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Roanoke College Poll: Opinions of Virginians on politics in May 2020

Former VP Biden still leads Pres. Trump in Virginia. Sen. Warner leads TBD Republican. Gov. Northam's approval soars. 

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Virginia Real Estate Report: Market strong prior to Coronavirus outbreak

The Virginia Real Estate Indexes remain strong going into 2020 buoyed by low mortgage rates and robust labor markets and consumer sentiment prior to the Coronavirus outbreak.

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Consumer sentiment pushes past coronavirus fear to near-record value

The Va. Index of Consumer Sentiment rocketed up almost four points in February 2020 coming in only a point and a half away from the historic peak, despite a volatile stock market and coronavirus fears.

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You may contact the Institute at or by calling Dr. Harry Wilson, Director of the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research, at (540) 375-2415.