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Roanoke College Poll looks at top issues in Virginia

The latest Roanoke College Poll measures the opinions of Virginians on economy, jobs and inflation, as well as opinions on political leaders and the overall direction of the commonwealth. 

The latest Roanoke College Poll on political opinions of Virginians is out

The economy, jobs and inflation are the top issues for residents of the Commonwealth. IPOR's latest survey addresses topics such as the midterm elections, political anxiety, abortion, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s national spotlight.

Roanoke College Poll looks at Youngkin, Supreme Court favorability and more

The latest poll from the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research interviewed Virginia residents about Governor Glenn Youngkin, the war in Ukraine, abortion and sentiment on current and former elected officials. 

Roanoke College Poll looks at war in Ukraine, abortion and more

The poll asks Virginians about topics such as the war in Ukraine, abortion, political anxiety and general feelings about current and former elected officials.

Roanoke College Poll looks at new administration in Virginia

The latest poll of Virginia public opinion looks at recent executive actions by Gov. Youngkin, feelings about personal freedom versus health and safety, COVID vaccination and more.

Roanoke College Poll: Democrat - Republican divide, masks and more

The Roanoke College Poll looks into the divide between Democrats and Republicans regarding mask wearing, vaccination plans and general political anxiety.