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Roanoke College Poll: McAuliffe leads Youngkin in race for Virginia Governor

The latest Roanoke College Poll of likely Virginia voters looks at the race for Va. Governor, as well as other races and issues. 

Roanoke College Poll -- Virginia Democratic Primary

The latest Roanoke College Poll looks at opinions of likely voters in the upcoming Democratic primary. McAuliffe and Herring hold comfortable leads for Governor and AG, while the Lt. Gov race is up for grabs.  

Roanoke College Poll: Virginians weigh in on the nation, the Commonwealth and COVID

The latest Roanoke College Poll looks at the opinions of Virginians on the state of the nation, the Commonwealth, and COVID. Democrats and Republicans disagree on almost everything. 

Roanoke College Poll: Virginians reflect on COVID and politics

The latest poll looks at the opinions of Virginians on impeachment, storming the Capitol, COVID and politics.

Roanoke College Poll on Virginia politics and COVID-19

Virginians reflect on the 2020 Election, COVID, and politics. Partisan differences are stark. 

Roanoke College Poll on presidential race and U.S. Senate race for Virginia

The last Roanoke College Poll before the 2020 presidential election shows Biden maintaining large lead over Trump in Virginia. Senator Warner leads opponent Gade.