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Roanoke College Poll: Opinions of Virginians on politics in May 2020

Former VP Biden still leads Pres. Trump in Virginia. Sen. Warner leads TBD Republican. Gov. Northam's approval soars. 

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Roanoke College Poll: Virginians prefer all Democrats to Trump but many Dems underwater on favorability

As Super Tuesday approaches, Roanoke College Poll looks at possible November election matchups. At this time, each of the Democratic candidates leads President Donald Trump in Virginia.

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Roanoke College Poll: Virginians support much of Democratic agenda in General Assembly

As Democrats prepare to take control of both houses of the General Assembly in January along with the three major statewide offices they currently hold, The Roanoke College Poll has found support for several of their agenda items.

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Roanoke College Poll: Democrats lead in General Assembly race

Democrats lead in a generic General Assembly ballot. President Trump's approval rating is down in Virginia. Approval for Gov. Northam is up slightly. 

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Review of Roanoke College Poll results related to gun control

As the special session of the Virginia Assembly convenes to address several issues related to gun violence, the Roanoke College Poll looks back on polling on issues related to firearm regulation from the past few years. 

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RC Poll: Virginians think Northam, Fairfax and Herring should stay

The latest poll of Virginians looks at leadership issues, sexual misconduct, immigration, socialism and gun control.

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