Inclusion Fellows


As an Inclusion Fellow, you will be part of a team of highly motivated students working toward building an inclusive learning environment while preparing for a diverse global society. You will participate in inclusion training, cultural celebrations, learning opportunities and advocate for underrepresented groups in the Roanoke College Community. You will grow toward: 

  • Becoming an engaged and inclusive student leader
  • Becoming a responsible and ethical leader, aware of your impact on the community and the world
  • Understanding of differences, and the ability to find commonalities of purpose and work collaboratively across difference   

Program Components


Inclusion Fellows are required to attend BonD. BonD or Building on Diversity is a pre-orientation program that assists incoming students with their transition to college. The program is open to  any newly enrolled students who want to learn and explore  diversityinclusion and  multiculturalism. The incoming students are paired with a mentor that will guide their mentee through the transition process and navigate them to a successful college life experience.

Participants of the BonD mentoring program will:

  • Have access to a community of support and resources during key stages of their academic career
  • Receive support that aids in their personal and leadership development
  • Develop a greater sense of belonging to Roanoke College by engaging in the BonD community
  • Be exposed to diverse perspectives and experiences that affirms their cultural identity

Fellows will work with the Director for the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) and LGBTQ Coordinator to develop key leadership and facilitation competencies to lead campus-wide training and provide mentorship to fellow students.

On-Campus Engagement – Paid Positions

Inclusion Fellows will be assisted in preparing for and securing on-campus job opportunities such as:

  • OMA Student Staff Positions
  • Diversity Peer Educator Positions
  • LGBTQ Ambassador Positions

Inclusion Fellows are required to attend monthly meetings throughout the semester that cover key foundational concepts in inclusion, civic responsibility and community engagement.

  • Leadership Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Team Building & Collaboration
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Social Justice, Social Capital and Social Structure

Professional Development & Leadership

As a Fellow, you will develop your own leadership style while identifying your strengths. Additionally, you will be provided financial sponsorship to attend at least one professional development conference or seminar your first academic year to enhance your leadership skills. Opportunities will be identified by the Director of OMA and the LGBTQ Coordinator. Other professional development opportunities may become available during your fellowship.

Students are ideal candidates for the Inclusion Fellows (IF) Program:

  • IF you are willing to become more culturally aware
  • IF you are willing to be supportive and accepting of others
  • IF you are committed to fostering a campus community that recognizes the value of diversity
  • IF you are committed to learning leadership theories and organizational dynamics
  • IF you have demonstrated leadership qualities and skills
  • IF you have enthusiasm to start new projects
  • IF you are open to being adaptable and flexible

Application Details  

Applying to the program begins with an online application, including this essay question: Please write a short essay on how you define inclusion and what you believe are essential traits for being an inclusive leader.

Students selected as finalists will interview with college staff and student mentors during a campus visit, as well as receive a $500 scholarship per academic year.  As a Fellow, you will also have the opportunity to live in the Multicultural Living Community.  In this residential community, students have the opportunity to engage in a diverse community that is intentionally created so residents may live and learn in a multicultural environment.

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