Cable TV

Connecting to Cable TV in the Dorm

Roanoke College provides HD cable television access to all on-campus students (including those on Elizabeth Campus and in Afton Hall). HD Channels include standard and premium networks such as HBO and Cinemax. 

Each Residence Hall room has one cable connection and residents must provide their own coaxial cable.

If you did not bring your own television to campus, don't worry! There are many Residence Hall common areas equipped with televisions and cable connections.

You will not be able to view TV Channels without first running auto-program on your Television. Please see your television's manual for specific instructions on how to do this. 

Your TV needs to have a QAM Tuner in order to receive the channels. For more information regarding QAM Tuners. 

If your television does not have a QAM Tuner, you can purchase one online. 

TV Channel Guide Cable Channels

If you experience any difficulty with your cable connection, please submit a ticket online by going to (login with your MyRoanoke username and password when prompted).