Health Advocate

Health Advocate is a service provided by Roanoke College and the Virginia Private Colleges Benefits Consortium at no cost to you!

Their Personal Health Advocate make navigating healthcare easier!

How Does Health Advocate Work?

When you have an issue, just call the toll‐free number and you will be assigned to a Personal Health Advocate assigned to you to assist!

Your Personal Health Advocate consist of Registered Nurses, Benefits experts, and Trained clinical professionals and will work directly with you until your issue is resolved!

Who Can Use Health Advocate?

  • Employees
  • Employee Spouses & Dependent
  • Employees Parents & Parents‐in‐law

What Can Health Advocate Help With?

Your Personal Health Advocate is here to help and make healthcare easier by supporting you and your eligible family members with a wide range of health and insurance-related issues like:

  • Assisting with medical paperwork issues (like billing, claims issues)
  • Coordinating care with a healthcare provider
  • Providing support and resources for a medical condition
  • Helping locate the right doctor/service that meets your needs
  • Researching and arrange second opinions for medical needs
  • Provide special help for parents and parents‐in‐law (such as Medicare related questions)

Health Advocate Contact Information


Under "Choose Your Organization"

Enter: Virginia Private Colleges Benefits

Toll-Free Number: (866) 695-8622

Download thier Interactive mobile app

Additional Information and Resources:

Health Advocate Flier

Health Advocate Website