Study Abroad

Study Abroad Engagement Grant


Roanoke College's Pathways Program seeks to improve student learning by enhancing the quality and visibility of experiential learning opportunities available to our students.  Study abroad is one of those experiential learning opportunities which can be transformative to students, especially when set in a larger context of reflection.

Preparation before studying abroad and reflection after studying abroad have always been a goal for the Office of International Education. To this end, the Office of International Education has collaborated with the Pathway program to establish the Study Abroad Engagement Grant. Students who study abroad in an exchange or affiliate program for a minimum of one semester will be eligible to apply for this grant if they satisfy all requirements of engagement, outlined below. 

The three essential elements of engagement are: Preparation and Planning, Ongoing Guided Reflection, and Post-Experience Public Showcasing. Students eligible for the grant will be guided through preparing for a study abroad experience, prompted to reflect critically throughout the experience, and articulate their learning through a public showcasing event and final digital story.

Award: $500 per student to help offset costs incurred from studying abroad.

Study Abroad Engagement Requirements

  1. Enrollment in ROA218 and ROA219: These two courses combined span the semester before departure, while abroad, and the semester back on campus. Students will earn 1 RC unit of academic credit.  Enrollment is by special instructor permission.
  2. Presentation of digital story through a showcasing event after returning from study abroad.
  3. Presentation of study abroad experience through one of several opportunities on campus, including Family Weekend, Study Abroad Fair, Pre-departure Orientations, International Education Week, or International Festival.
  4. Final reflection paper.

Application Process

To apply for a Pathways Study Abroad Engagement Grant, please contact:

Dr. Pamela Serota Cote
Director of International Education