Cars, Bikes & Parking

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Motor Vehicles (including motorcycles / mopeds)

All Roanoke College students, faculty and staff must have a properly displayed, current Roanoke College decal on their vehicle in order to park on Roanoke College property. Please take a moment to read over the Roanoke College Parking Policy.

Parking Policy

Visitors to the campus between the hours of 8am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday and those who are staying overnight must pick up a temporary parking pass from the Office of Campus Safety at 9 North College Ave.  Visitor parking passes are good for a limited duration and must be properly displayed on the vehicle. 

To obtain a visitor pass:

  • If visiting during normal business hours (8am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday), please see the department you're visiting for more information or come to the Campus Safety office.
  • If visiting overnight, please come to the Campus Safety office (open 24 hours).

The visitor must be present and have a valid, state-issued Driver's License.

All visitors must park in designated visitor parking areas.  (More information about parking for Admissions visitors.)

Purchase your Student Parking Decal!


Students are permitted (and encouraged) to have bicycles on campus.  Please make sure to register the bicycle with the Office of Campus Safety.

Kevin on his bike