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Group Fitness is a great way to become more physically fit while exercising in a group environment. A variety of classes are offered to appeal to the different interests of participants. Classes are led by certified instructors, and held in the evenings Monday through Thursday. Current students, faculty and staff may participate in Group Fitness classes.

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Roanoke College is proud to partner with ACE Fitness to offer the Group Fitness Instructor curriculum for our staff and students as well as the community. This non-credit course prepares the prospective instructor to take the certification exam. Topics include:

  • Group Fitness Fundamentals
  • Considerations, Design, and Preparation for Group Fitness Classes
  • Elements of Leading Group Fitness Classes
  • Safety, Nutrition, and Legal Considerations

This 8-week class consists of both lecture and lab, meets twice per week, and is offered each semester at a cost of $200. If interested in signing up, please email us!